Who ordered wind???

The wind is roaring outside and things are flying and falling.  We woke up to a loud noise … turns out it was another tree branch from our neighbor’s tree.   Yup, same trees that were trimmed on the diseased tree.  Gotta love those elm trees!!

At first I thought it was the sattelite dish or my neighbor’s swing.  I’ve emailed a picture to the property management company in addition to a phone call.  Hopefully someone will get back with us or come over and assess the damage.

I was down yesterday … throat was on fire and the ears were plugged.  I’m feeling better today, so I’m thinking it’s allergies.  Wind isn’t helping, however, the grass is growing with the weeds and I didn’t get out there yesterday to mow it.  Hopefully this storm will be gone by Thursday.  Sorry midwest folks, it may be heading your way.  We are supposed to get snow with this storm … I’m NOT thrilled!!!

Well, I guess I had better  get the house cleaning done.  I feel like one of the three little piggies as the gusts hit the house. 

Hope y’all have a good one!!


Sorry for the silence

I just looked at the calendar on my fridge and all the days are crossed off, except for this last week. 

Then I realized I hadn’t posted since the 15th.  LOL, some of you are saying, thank you!  But I’m back, at least for this week.  I never know where the world of Miche will take me next, but I asked for it.  In one of my conversations with my Father, I told him that I wanted a job that travels.  Well, I got what I asked, and I’m thankful for it.

I woke up in Vegas and had our open house.  It was fun to let everyone shop.    Since sis and I were the hostess of this open house, we also got our free hostess stuff!  Pretty cool!!

While waiting for the conference on Wednesday of  last week, I spent the days weeding my sister’s backyard.  Because it was warm outside, I would take a break every hour to drink massive doses of liquid.  As the weather got warmer, my breaks turned into every 30 minutes.  Over the course of three days, the tall weeds are gone and her rose bushes are basking in the sun again.

The first annual So. Nevada Sales Rep conference was awesome!  Miche Bag is coming out with great products.  I can’t wait.   The food was simple and real good!  But the presentation was even better!!

I flew home on Thursday and hit the ground running.  Today I’m catching my breath before I start flashing my bags again.

Hubby picked me up at the airport Thursday morning and I was starved … LOL, what else is new?  We had seen on the travel channel that Sierra Syds has a gun collection.  Sierra Syds is a truck stop in Sparks.  So, we went there to eat at the Trucker’s Grill and gawk at the collection.  It was interesting as they had added a little bit of history along with the gun collection.

Since we were in Sparks, we stopped Scheels Sports and wandered around, since we had extra time.  Turns out hubby knew the handgun manager.  He’s a pretty interesting guy with a law enforcement background.   Amazing the people you meet in this store!

Friday was a work day for me.  I was mostly by myself, so I was busy.  Made for a nice quick day.  I also had a canine companion all day.  The shop foreman’s big black lab was with me all day.  Wow, talk about a well behaved dog that minds!!  I would tell him to do something once and he did it.  He may not have liked it, as I got dagger looks, but he did it.   His favorite game is playing with an empty water bottle.  When you tell him to put it in the trash, he’d pick it up and drop it in the trash can.  LOL, so different from my muttly!  The one with selective hearing!

Saturday was an all day simulcast event of Beth Moore, So Long Insecurity.  AWESOME!!   I know there are many of us out there, me included, that have that nagging insecurity going on inside.  This was the best event!!  I’ll post more on that later.  Her book is out, titled:  “So Long Insecurity, you’ve been a bad friend to us!”  

Well, it’s time for me to get my yard working clothes on and start pulling my own weeds.  Y’all have a great day!!!

Another week older

I only like cabbage in cole slaw and Runzas.  So making cabbage with my corned beef … well, let’s just say I wasn’t too keen on it.  Well, I litterally ate my words.  The Corned Beef & Cabbage recipe I used was way good!  Thank you Betty Crocker!  Her best advice … throw out that little seasoning packet that comes with the meat!  I’m a fan now. 

For those of you that don’t know what  a Runza is … well, until you’ve tried it, it’s real difficult to explain.  It’s  a Nebraska thing.   Since we don’t have any Runza stores here in the West, I make Runza Casseroles, ground beef, cabbage and already made crescent dough … YUM! 

This has been a busy week end for me.  I’ve made it through my appointments and meetings and somewhere in the middle I actually had 6 1/2 hours of working at my job.     I’ve spread weed and feed on my lawn, only to have the dandelions stand and laugh at me!  Then I sprayed a weed killer on them, and they just looked at me, as if saying, “Is that all you got?”    I just went out to look at them and their yellow flowers are laughing.  *sigh*  I think hubby secretly goes out and does something to them, as he loves dandelions.   He wants them at his funeral.  I wonder if that would be a special order?

I’ve started the domestic abuse class … wow … I had no idea there were so many types!  Are we a sick world or what?!?!?!?!  Quite and education I’m getting as well as seeing how my situation has affected me. 

Yesterday was errand day.  Then, last night I went to Reno with a friend of mine.  I’m going to be a Pampered Chef Consultant.   Have you been to a show recently???  Oh My Goodness!!  It is so much more fun, than it used to be!!  I am excited!!  I like the changes they’ve made, not only to the products, but also the company.    It’s a great way to keep my commitment to the company I work for while earning extra income.   Those of you that are far away, would you have a catalog party for me????   I’d so appreciate it!!

This morning was the Housewarming party for the new pastor’s wife.  She is so down to earth and fun to be around!  Great time this morning with all the ladies.  Now I’m ready for a nap.

Well, it is Saturday and I have six days to pull the house together before sis and her fam get here.  I guess I had better make my list of things I want to get done.  Y’all have a great weekend!!

Weather Teaser

Today was absolutely gorgeous out.  Blue sky and not a cloud in sight.  Last night we stopped at Home Depot.  I’m so glad it still is too cold for the plants  to be out, several of them would have followed me home.  We picked up two bags of garden soil for my poor irises.  When I cut down all the dead stuff, all my iris roots were exposed. 

I knew we were supposed to get snow sometime this weekend, so today I went out and put down soil in the front flower bed.  Of course I couldn’t stop there, I ended up putting more around the flowers along the shed and on my periwinkle tendrils so they wouldn’t fly in the wind. 

Four hours later, I had the backyard raked as well as the pile of leaves behind my swing picked up.  It looks so much better out there.  I really cannot wait for spring!  Hopefully the harsh weather is almost over and I can start getting my patio together.  After all this, I’m hoping to be walking tomorrow. 

So what is your weather like?

Heat Wave!

I checked the weather for the week and it is supposed to be in the low 50’s.   I’m ready.  I’m ready for warm, but not too warm.  Temps in the 50’s will be just fine with me! 

My bumm is a bit sore today.  I found the muscles I haven’t used all winter.  So walking and sitting today is a bit challenging.  But it’s a good feeling.  I really missed digging in the dirt.  I cleaned out all the dead foliage in the flower bed.   Hopefully I haven’t destroy them … if so, then I’ll just plant something else when I know the threat of winter is gone.  I have so many new things coming up out of the ground, I’m not sure what they are, but they appear to be a bulb.  Thing is, I don’t remember planting any bulbs in the front flower bed.  I guess I’ll be surprised!

I still have alot of leaves to clean up on the side patio where my swing is.  I probably should get that done before something starts nesting in there.  It’s time to start planning what I’m going to use to block off my side patio for privacy.  In my mind I know what I want, it’s just knowing if it’s a realistic project.   Should be interesting.  If I get it built, I’ll post a pic.

It’s Friday … Inquiry minds want to know … what are your plans for the weekend?

I love the little town where I live!!!

I had to go to the post office and mail a payment that I couldn’t pay online.  Don’t ya just hate when you can’t do that?  HAH,  I do.  I don’t like writing a check and mailing it, as I never have stamps. 

Since the post office is only two blocks up and one block over from my house, it seems real silly to drive there.  So I ventured out up the alley behind my house, bought my “forever stamps” … LOVE those,  and mailed my payment.  Then I was craving coffee … I could either walk to McDonalds and enjoy the fumes of the car exhausts or I could walk through the middle of town to a little coffee shack at the edge of the main drag.  Mind you the main drag is only four blocks long, but I get to walk by the park with the gazebo and all. 

In the summer I love their chillers.  I asked the person making my cafe au lait with two pumps of sugar free caramel, if they can make the sugar free caramel chillers.  I was so excited when she said they could.  It is my absolute favorite.  I love it way more than the Caramel Frapacinos at the other place.  Now I cannot wait for the spring/summer to get here!! 

Anyway, since I was out on my walkabout, I realized I hadn’t eaten yet and I still had to walk home.  So I also bought a breakfast cookie.  Oh. My.  Was that good!  I went to their website and now I’m going to have to get some of these for those mornings I don’t want to eat hot or cold cereal.   Some of you may already know about these products, but those that don’t … you have to check this place out, PLUS you can order online … wooohoo!!  Check out Erin Baker’s    I had the Caramel Apple one … quite yummy!!

It looks like I’ll be ordering those and the chocolate granola.  I love finding new things … hee hee … it’s like a treasure hunt. 

Now I’m back home from walking about the little town and since it is a beautiful day out, I’m going to go out and clean up my dead plants, before they start sprouting for spring.  Did I mention my bulbs along the back shed are starting to come up … I hope it isn’t too early …. I guess we’ll see.

Y’all have a great Thursday!!