Party Animal

This week is a busy party week.  I have two Miche parties to do this week and I went to a Wildtree Party last night.   Those on the East side of the states probably know what Wildtree is, however, it is now coming to the West.

The main focus is grapeseed oil.  I first heard of the benefits of grapeseed oil through Melaleuca.  At the party last night, I almost bought a bottle of natural grapeseed oil to cook with or use in dips.  But then I tried the butter flavored grapeseed oil.   Oh. My. Word.  It tasted like melted butter one would use over popcorn.   So I got that instead.  Now I can’t wait until it’s here so I can start using this, instead of butter. 

I love butter and I know, as a whole, is not good for you.  However, one of my friends had mentioned to clarify the butter (melt) and skim off the fat that will rise to the surface and use the remaining.  You can put it in a container and store it in the fridge.   He said it changed the taste and the fat was removed.  I haven’t tried it yet and as I’m typing this, I just might, since I won’t have the oil for a week or so.

Sorry, I went off track.  Back to Wildtree.  Wildtree is natural, no preservatives or msg and just plain good for you in addition to tasting pretty good.   You can check out the website here.  Yummy stuff, you’ll have to check it out or see if there’s a sales rep in your area.  Better yet, become one!!

Hubby’s job can make for interesting duties.  Today he has to stand by at a storage shed while the people get their things out of it, as he takes pictures and documents each item.  Why?  Well, let’s just say it has something to do with an eviction and a judge’s order.  Since he works with the judge … well, there ya go!   Thankfully it is a cooler day out, as his uniform is dark blue. 

Tonight I’m supposed to go to ladies night for pizza and a movie.  But After the doc visit, I don’t think I’m going to feel up to it.  PLUS I think I’m going to take advantage of the cooler weather today and mow the lawn.  Always a body abuser!!  Last week I mowed the lawn and kept bumping my head on the low branches.  Let’s just say, that is no longer a problem!!

Surgery has been scheduled for Thursday, June 24th at 3:15pm.   I’m not thrilled about the time, I usually like to have surgery scheduled in the morning, so the doc isn’t tired, but, since we had to be squeezed in for June, we’ll take what we can get!   After research on the web, I know now what to expect.  Everyone says the same thing … P A I N F U L , but worth it as they were able to breathe.  Now if we could only fast forward past this painful part! 

There is a person in Maine that took advantage of my personal June special of paying the shipping for their Miche Order.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your order has been received and what I have been told, was shipped to your lovely state yesterday.   I’d say in a week it should be there, as it is coming from Southern Nevada.

Well, before my day gets away from me, I’m going to go.  Y’all have a great day and if I don’t yack at you before, have a great weekend!!!