Now What?

Sometimes I think to myself … Lord, you can come anytime, I’m ready to be done with this body.  Then I think of my grand-babies and know I”m not ready to leave them.  This past week was one of those times when I was ready for Him to come.

Something new and exciting for me … Wet Macular Degeneration … for information on this, click here.   I’m not sure how I feel about it and I’m not thrilled there is no cure, but I’m thankful there is something they can do to try and slow down the progression of the vision loss.

I found out on Thursday afternoon that I had this and the doc wanted to get me in the next day to get the testing done right away., however, his and my schedule just wasn’t going to work.   I’m not thrilled there is a week wait, but then again, I need the week to prepare myself.  I’ve gone through all the normal initial reactions and now I’m slowly getting to acceptance.  It is, what is it and with God’s grace and guidance, strength, comfort and peace, I’ll get through this.   There have been times I’ve been sad, angry, frustrated and plain ticked off, but I’m working through it.

Thursday is the day I go through 2 hours of testing so my eye doc can determine the next plan of action.  Prayers are welcome and I’ll keep y’all posted.


I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours!

One can tell when I’m nervous.  I get real quiet as my mind goes haywire!  The drive to the medical testing place was real quiet.  I even let the hubs drive, which probably was a mistake, as my mind kept anticipating the steps of the heart test. 

The last time I had dye shot into my body, it was my knee when I was in high school.  It hurt like …H E double toothpicks!!  It probably didn’t help that they twisted my knee every un-natural way possible to get X-Rays.   So the thought of having dye shot into my veins to see what my heart was doing, was actually giving me die nightmares!  I’m so glad the person who put the IV in was practically painless and so was the dye.  

I wasn’t allowed caffeine of any kind, 24 hours before my test, nor was I allowed to eat or drink anything 4 hours before.  Which meant, I didn’t have any coffee, tea or chocolate since Tuesday night.  I didn’t eat or drink anything since Wednesday night around 10-11pm.  Needless to say, by 8:30am when I was due at the office performing the test, I was pretty hungry. 

Once they put me through round one of dye and X-Rays, I had to wait before I started the treadmill stress test.  Once that got on it’s way and my heart rate reached the target rate, they shot me with dye again.  After that, I was able to pick my snack from their wonderful snack drawer!!!  Then another wait until the final set of pics on the heart.  This is not a quick testing process.  We were there four hours.  The hubs was a trooper as he sat in the waiting room all that time for me.

Sometime before the treadmill test, they were hooking me up with wires for the EKG.  Let’s just say, I flashed the hospital, which is across the parking lot and ditch, as well as the parking lot that belong to the building I was in.  There were no blinds, just window … LOL … I forgot to check when we left to see if the glass on the outside was reflective.    If not, well, then you gotta show me yours!  HAHAHAHA

I was so happy to get out of there, the person who took care of me said I could put my bra on if I wanted to.  I told her that it was okay and I stuffed it in my bag and beat feet out of there.  We went straight to Pizza Hut, then to McDonalds for an ice cream cone and an iced caramel mocha latte. 

Now I’m ready for bed and it’s only 3:30pm. 

Well, I hope y’all have a great start to the Weekend!  YAY Friday is so close!!  Talk to you later.

I can see Friday, just over there …

Okay it was hot last week, this week it has been cold and rainy with snow in the mountains.  Did I sleep through fall??  I’ve actually had to turn the furnace on … which is something I don’t like to do, but it’s below 60 in this house and my toesies are quite cold.  I like it cold when I’m sleeping as I’m a burrower and burrow as far under the covers and I can get!

Here we are at October 7 and I forgot all about FLEET WEEK!!!  I was so bummed as I’ve spent all the alloted funds from this paycheck.  BIG BIG *SIGH* and a big big sad face!!  Again, there is always next year … but I sure am getting tired of saying that!!!!

Monday was bible study and the homework last week was about removing obstacles in your life to let God heal.   What does it mean when my hubby is one of my obstacles?   LOL, I’m glad I wasn’t alone because when I said it, the whole table agreed that their hubby’s can be obstacles in our Faith walk also.  And … Why is that, Capt’n Ron????

Tuesday was my test with the State.  I was suprised I was done as quickly as I was.  I answered every question … whether they were right or wrong is yet to be determined!!  HAH, minor details!   It wasn’t as major multitasking as the dispatch test, but it was definately thought provoking.  After the test … my brain hurt!   The mouse in my brain had to work overtime to get the wheels turning!

So here I am at my mid week dayoff.  I’ve got a few things I need to do, but have no umpf to do them.  Must be why I’m here and babbling away! 

In two weeks we are off to Las Vegas.  I have three days of no plans, while hubby is at his class.  I’m almost afraid to see what kind of trouble I can get into for three whole days during the day.   Hmmmm, friends to see, trouble to get into … yup, sounds like a Vegas weekend to me!! 

Well, I guess I should go, I just stopped in to yack at ya for a quick minute.  It’s off to do my homework … or … wake up hubby and get frisky … hmmmm, what to do, what to do ….

I’m gone for a couple of weeks and wordpress changes things, yet again.

October 1st, the start of the last quarter of the year.  What is up with this weather?  Is it hot where you are?    It sure is hot here.  Although I am thankful the evenings cool off.  Next week is supposed to be cooler, almost fall like weather.  That will be nice!

What happened to this week?  Before I knew it, Friday was here and here I am finally blogging.   

Our trip to Utah was great!  We had a great time with the kids and grand babies and grand doggies.  I must confess, I lost the grand doggies the first morning we were there.  I let them out the back door.  In my brain I was seeing their old house with a fenced backyard, unfortunately, this house isn’t fenced.  The funny thing was the dogs even looked back at me as if saying, “Are you sure?” before they took off running the neighborhood.  I’m so thankful the kids live in a circular neighborhood and the dogs didn’t get to the main road.  After waking hubby up at 6:30 am our time (7:30 am Utah time), I found them on the other side of the circle, barking at the neighbors.  One of them came back and once the one did, the other finally followed.  By the time we got to the back of the circle, there was hubby waiting for us.   LOL … yuppers, what a way to start the first day there … lose their dogs.   

Since we were up bright and early, hubby and I decided to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  It is still as yummy as we remember.  Although there must be alot of sugar/carbs in the breakfast, because about 30 minutes after we ate, our blood sugar was dropping and we had to get a snack.    That night we had steak, macaroni & cheese and salad for dinner.

Friday I let hubby sleep in.  LOL … only because I knew he’d probably clobber me if I didn’t.  We got up and moving by late morning and spent the time wandering the town and shopping at Savers … of course!  I love getting jeans for $4.99!!   The best part … I was able to get a size smaller … YAY!!!  We stopped at Einstein’s bagels and had a snack before was wandered to Pizza Hut to order & pick up our dinner.  After dinner, the kids took us to the BX at the base.  Wow, is that a nice store!  The BX at the base hubby was stationed at, wasn’t anywhere near as nice.  Of course, I wasn’t married to him at that time. 

Saturday was the Miche Party.  In addition to a Miche Party, one of the hostesses sells Scentsy.  Scentsy are scented wickless candles.  The scent of the month was Maple Butter.  Oh. My. I’m loving the smell.  I have a night light plug in and dropped a square of the Maple Butter scent.  It sure makes the house  smell good!!  Check out the website here.   You can order through this website.  Check out the Clearance section … pretty cool.  After the party it took me forever to enter and close out my party, but it was done and sent on to my distributor.  We had Cafe Rio for dinner and the portions were quite large!

Sunday we had to leave.  Poor Red had to hold extra things, as I had bought a few things for the party, etc.  Hubby wasn’t too thrilled, but we made it home without blowing any tires!!  Before we got on the road, he and I ate lunch at Golden Corral.  All I can say is yummy!!  Of course, y’all know how I enjoy a buffet!  So on a full belly, we hopped into Red and made the 10 hour drive home. 

Monday I had to cram to get my bible study homework done before class that night.

Tuesday hubby had his class at church, so I was able to work on my first day’s homework for Bible Study.  Unfortunately that’s the only time I’ve been able to work on it this week, so that means this weekend I get to scramble to get it done.

While driving home from work on Wednesday, one of my friends called  to ask if I’d be a sub in their bunko game.  Since I’ve never played bunko and that sounded like so much fun, I said yes.  LOL, little did I know what I was getting in to.  Actually, I had a blast and since there is an empty spot, I was able to join them as a regular player.  Once a month, a night of wild and crazy chic fun!

Thursday was a fun filled day.  First thing in the morning I got studded snow tires put on Red.  Tires Plus was having a killer tire sale, so we jumped on it.  I was able to get their lifetime alignment at half price as part of this sale.  With the ruts in the road and the pot holes, I took them up on that offer!!  Then we wandered all over Carson City.  Hung out until hubby’s follow up appointment with  the specialist that did his surgery.  He’s doing super great!!  Doc is real pleased!  YAY! 

And now here it is Friday.  I had to work today and am now enjoying the start of my 3 days off!  We just got through watching Angels and Demons.  I was so bummed that Obi Wan was a bad guy. 

I haven’t heard anything from the HR department for the test I took 2 weeks ago.  I  have another test on Tuesday for the state.  Should be interesting.  I’m not sure whether to try and brush up on a few things or just go in cold and hopefully things will come back to me.  LOL .. yeah right!!

Well, that’s about it … my past 2 weeks in a post.  So, what are your plans for the weekend?

What else is new

My son, if you look under my blogroll he is R Holt Design, just started a new job.  He’s working for an ad agency in Lincoln, NE.  I’m so excited for him as he’s a think outside the box kinda guy and where he was working, they wanted him to do that, but were too afraid to let him do that.  When he left Vegas, he was working for an ad agency and learning so much.  So I am real glad he’s able to get back into it.

I have no idea how I did on this test.  All I can say is I finished it and it took about 1 1/2 hours.  It was really interesting as throughout this test, they were testing  for multi-tasking, memory (hah), spelling, typing, map reading and comprehension, all within the same test.  They have many many more people to test.  In about 2 weeks, they should know who scored the highest and those that scored in the higher percentage will be called to interview.  As much as I would like this job, as it is just around the block and I can walk to work, I’m trying not to get my hopes up.  Why?  Well, it’s one of those jobs that requires a thorough background investigation and I’m not sure if that includes credit.  If it does, then I’m probably screwed.  So, we’ll see.

Ever since my Pampered Chef party, I’ve been craving pizza.  I could eat pizza every day.  And usually I do have a Smart One or Lean Cuisine pizza for lunch everyday.  However, last weekend during my PC party, we made a three cheese garden pizza.  Oh My, was it good.  So I’ve been playing with the recipe this week.  Tonight I got the pizza dough in a tube and made a mushroom, tomato, onion, squash and pepperoni pizza with several different types of cheese.  It was yummy.  There was no pizza sauce, which is interesting as we don’t like alot of sauce on our pizza.  So did you wrinkle your nose at the squash?  LOL, it was the little yellow crooked neck squash.  So we definately ate our veggies tonight!

Well, I guess that’s all I have in my brain right now.  It’s Friday night, I hope y’all are having a great weekend eve!