R.I.P. Lauren Bacall

Another one gone.  She’s lived a long life and such a statuesque lady.  We love watching her movies!  R.I.P. Mz. Bacall.   Bogie and Bacall now together again

I went to Van Gogh and Vino with my friends.  It was so much fun, especially since I have never painted before.  You can check out their website here.  If you have one or something like it near you – GO!!

The night before last, I couldn’t sleep.  I think I had about an hour of sleep that night.  As I lay awake at 3am, I finally took a sleeping pill.  I try not to take one too often as I don’t want my body to get used to it.  Anyway, at 5am, I took a night night pill.  I didn’t wake up until 2pm.  YAY, Praise the Lord I had sleep!!  Last night I slept about 6 hours.  without a pill.  I’ll take it!!  I’ve been up since 5:45am, but that’s okay.  It gave me time to have coffee with my Lord God and work on my devotionals.  It was nice and quiet.   I had quite a bit to journal about, unbeknownst to me!

Not much else going on.  Getting ready to start the ribs for our gathering at a friends house.  It’s so fun to be able to gather.  I hope her hubby isn’t too tired as he gets home today.

Y’all have a great wonder-filled week!!



Those of you that are my friends on Facebook – thank you for your prayers last night.  I had already taken a pain pill around 6pm, but it wasn’t working at 8:30-ish.  My knees hurt while moving my legs (bending or straightening), then my feet felt like there were horns on the bottom which hurt while laying down or if I stood up.  Plus my hands were stiff & sore and my forearms felt like someone was giving me Indian Burns.  Remember those?  Yeah, I was one of those kids that would get them from other kids when I was in school!

I couldn’t sleep as I was whimpering and wincing.  To keep from taking another pain pill, I asked for prayer.  They were answered as everything that hurt,  eased up and I finally went to sleep.  It was a deep sleep and I didn’t wake until 9-ish this morning.  So again, thank you all that prayed.  I truly appreciate it!!

I did my speech last Wednesday morning and it turned out better than I had expected.  I had everyone’s attention and it intrigued the audience to hear more.  LOL … as one of my childhood friends always told me, I should write a book on my life.  HAH … It would be an adventure.

Hubby just left for church as he serves on the Safety Team.  He won’t return until after 9pm tonight.  So, I guess, I’ll try watching NCIS.  I say try, because I always fall asleep.  It’s a good thing it’s DVR’d.

Y’all have a good rest of the week.  You know what day it is tomorrow!!!   Hump Day!!!   Love that commercial!!


Little of this, a little of that

First of all, thank you all for your well wishes!  Knowing you are with my in thoughts and prayers has helped quite a bit!  

Hubby is home.  As of yesterday he hadn’t slept since surgery.  However, we have an awesome ENT who explained the sensations he was going through and the anxiety of not wanting to sleep.  He’d fall asleep and jerk awake with  his heart racing and feeling like he was drowning.  One more med to help him relax and he was able to sleep last night and as I type, he’s sleeping soundly on the couch. 

Did I mention how great this doc is?  He makes his own phone calls and he calls to check up on his patient.  I would definately recommend him for this area!!

I have mixed feelings about going to work Thurs. and Fri.  We definately need the money, especially since hubby isn’t working for a couple of weeks.  I think if he gets sleep today and a good night’s sleep tonight, I’ll feel better about leaving him alone. 

It’s supposed to be cooler the next two days, so the house should be comfortable.  I know I was complaining about winter last week, but I would have liked to had a little more spring, instead of jumping right into summer with no A/C!!   All I can think of is that I’m melting the excess fat on my body!!  LOL

I guess I really have more of this and hardly any of that, as I have been so consumed with hubby and his recovery.  I barely know what day it is!  Having to play nurse these past few days … I mean, taking vitals (BP, Temp & Blood Sugar) as well as dishing out meds … I realize I am not cut out for the nursing field!!  Before surgery I was thinking of going back to school, but after surgery … NO WAY!  LOL … it’s really not that bad, but watching the nurses in the hospital, staying late for surgery/recovery and then taking care of them after surgery.  Not!!  I guess one lady kept ringing her buzzer and they had just left her room. 

On a good note, the hospital behind the surgical center, had great food!!  I just had to walk the path to the hospital and was rewarded with tasty morsels!  

So this has been my life the last week.  I hope your humpday is good and the downhill to the weekend is even better!

Is this thing on?

Four am and I am awake.  I’ve actually been awake and sitting at this computer since 2:45am.   Hubby usually comes to bed and watches the tele while I’m sleeping, so I need the full eight hours of tossing and turning to get four hours of real sleep. 

Since he has to work today, he didn’t have the tele on all night long.  So I’m thinking, I got my four hours of real sleep and my body decides it’s time to get up!  Yeah, it’s going to be a long day!!  Oh yeah, I’m already yawning and now it is too late to go back to bed.  Then again …

Tomorrow is hubby’s birthday.  I have to work.  I’m torn between fixing dinner at home or going out for dinner.  The bad thing about going out is the expense as I already have the fixings to make a nice dinner.  Ugh, decisions decisions!  I do need to pick up a cake from somewhere before I get home tomorrow night.

Well, I guess I’ll try to go back to bed.  I still have a couple of hours that I can toss and turn before my day starts.  Y’all have a great humpday!!

Dead Tired!

Is anyone else feeling so tired that you fall asleep where you are?

I admit it, I’ve fallen asleep while playing Bejeweled Blitz.  I don’t have the sound on so the explosions don’t wake me up.

Well, I know what kind of day I’m going to have today.  I’ve tried to open my calcium chew twice and I’ve dropped it both times.  My fingers and trying to open little things … not a good combination!  Where are my grandbabies when I need them?

When I was younger, I used to get so mad at my mom when she couldn’t do things like that.  I didn’t understand why she couldn’t open a jar of anything.  Dang it all, now I get it!   As we age, the body definately has a mind of its own. 

If someone were watching hubby and I, they would be laughing hysterically.  We try to go one way and our body goes the other.   Neither of us can hear so we are constantly saying, “what?”  I keep telling him to talk to me and not in the opposite direction.   I don’t do this on purpose, it just happens that way … but we’ll be talking and I think he’s still close by and I’ll say something.  When I’m done, I realize he’s gone off to the other room and didn’t hear a word I said.  Well, that is until he comes back up the hall and says, “were you talking to me?”   *sigh*  Sometimes I feel like we’re Abbott and Costello.   That communication is always just short of understanding.

It’s Saturday and a week from today I’ll be in Las Vegas.  I have to go into work for about an hour on Monday, then all day on Friday before we make the mad dash south.   

Plus this week is Uncle Sam’s deadline.  Ugh!  No, I don’t have that finished  yet either.  LOL … I guess I’ll be working the numbers.  Knowing me, it will be on the 15th!

I had lunch with MizJay on Thursday.  OMW, we laughed so much and so hard.  It’s like she’s another one of my sisters.  Duh, she is one of my sisters, what am I saying!  A sister in Christ, that is!    I am so glad she gets my sense of humor!  We had a blast and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again soon.

That’s about it for me.  Except for these dang night cramps I get in my legs.  Another wonderful thing to look forward to as we age.  *sigh* 

Y’all have a great weekend.  It’s time for a siesta … ssshhh … I know it’s only 10 am … but  zzzzzzzzzz

Ice cream anyone?

I was just on the weather site and as of today, the next 10 days will be sun or partial sun with temps in the high 40’s to high 50’s.  I love that!  The air is crisp, the sun is shining and that urge to get out there, even if it is to sit on the porch, starts to grow.

A friend of mine lives about a block away.  Yesterday, she and I walked around the neighborhood with her dog.  My dog was still asleep, under the covers with hubby.  It was so nice to get outside, even though it was a bit brisk.  It wasn’t too bad as we walked through the alleys and along the houses, however, once we faced north and that wind hit us … wow, was it chilly.  We walked all over, almost to the point of me being lost, but it sure was nice to walk and talk, okay, for me it was gasp and whisper, as we made our way through the neighborhood.

I was so anxious to get out of the house that I threw on the wrong shoes.  I forgot one could bruise the balls of the feet.  It was worst than wearing heels.  Now I understand how dancers feet can bleed.  Today, I am a bit sore, and the feeties are on the mend.   The thought of a nap today, sounds so good, but, I don’t want to waste my day in bed. 

I don’t know what difference wasting my day in bed and waisting it on the computer is, but at least I’m vertical. 

My Vegas sis, her hubby and her grand-daughters are coming up in two weeks.  I can’t wait, however, I do have to get the guest room together again.   I have no idea what we are going to do, but I hope the weather is good.

I have a touch of the blahs today, nothing is wrong, just blue-sie.  I have seven days of homework to do and here I sit, just being a pouty girl.  LOL  … hmmm, maybe it’s time to crack open the caramel ice cream carton .. what do you think?

So tired

I am so tired, my bones long to lay horizontal!    LOL, not that this weary body can lay flat on her back.  I have to have my knees raised so my lower back is supported by the mattress.  Sorry, TMI, but it’s true!  I don’t toss and turn quite as much when my knees are supported by a pillow.

Does anyone have a Temperpedic mattress?  If you do, I’d really like to know what you think of this mattress!