Dog Days of Summer

It’s been pretty hot around here.  Thankful that it cools down when the sun goes down.  I’ve been busy dog sitting.  I had a puppy for a few days.  It reminded me that I don’t want a puppy … EVER!!!  LOL  Oh.  My.  Word.  “No Bite” was my vocabulary for all 3 days.

Then I had a Westi/mini poodle mix.  We fell in love with this little guy.  He was the perfect size and liked to cuddle.  Now I have a Blonde Cocker Spaniel.  As it’s hot outside and we have no a/c – I called his mom to get the name of their groomer.  He’s getting groomed tomorrow.  I hope that helps with his panting in the house.  I feel so bad for him.  He’s also been a joy.

A friend and I went to the park to visit.  On the way back, there’s a cherry tree, with a note that says, for 20 minutes,  pick all you can.  So we were picking cherries and piling them in our shirts.  It was fun and good exercise for my hands.

Can you believe it is already July?  I have to start packing now so I’m ready in 6 months!!

Our neighbors had a yard sale and hubby got me a Schwinn 5 speed cruiser bike for $10.  We just need to get a tube for the front tire and change a couple of cables and I’ll have wheels!!!  LOL   Now to see if I have balance!!  I’m excited and can’t wait to use it.   Hubby was happy as he was able to get a new full set of camping plates/kettle/etc.  along with table top propane heater and a propane lantern.  Big score at this yard sale!!

Since I haven’t been working, my nails have grown long, to the point that I cannot type.  LOL … I guess I had better think about filing them down.

Well, just thought I’d stop in and say hey!  I’m still here and doing good, considering!  Y’all have a safe and Happy Independence Day!!!


Flyers in Driveway

We still get flyers thrown in our driveway inside a plastic cover every week.  We don’t subscribe to it, it just appears on each and every driveway in the neighborhood.   MOST of the neighbors pick it up and throw it away.  EXCEPT for THE neighbor next door.  She insists on leaving it out there until it blows into our yard and hubby picks it up and throws it away.  Her excuse is that she didn’t order it and she wasn’t going to pick it up!

Really?  Are you that consumed with yourself that you cannot bend at your waist to pick up the flyer and put it in your trash?!?!   She could have the social service person that cleans her house do it when they are here!!  Why does it bother me?  Because she won’t do it and if hubby doesn’t it will be in our yard until he throws it away.  I know what I would like to do with it, however, that wouldn’t be very Christian of me!

Well, that’s the thing that is bugging me today!  HAH – stay tuned to what it will be tomorrow!  🙂



I’m trusting you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  We spent time with my BFF, her family and her husband’s family.  Food was yummy and the company was fun!  Yesterday we had an intimate turkey dinner with another couple (friends & neighbors).  While the turkey was finishing cooking, we watched Friendsgiving.  LOL, animals that are not compatible, but they were and had a great bond, like a bear, tiger and a lion.  That was pretty interesting.

I did wander out on Black Friday.  Not with a shopping purpose, but to see what was going on.  I have to say, with the stores doing their Black Friday sales Thursday night, Friday was actually pleasant to wander around the stores.  I bought a queen set of microfiber sheets for $14 at JCP. I cannot have weight on my legs while sleeping, otherwise my legs cramp from the heaviness.  These microfiber sheets are lightweight and warm!!  I will definitely buy more in the future.

I didn’t go crazy shopping, as I had to get my glasses ordered.  My drivers license will expire on 12/12/12 (yes, I am playing the lottery that day).  So first priority was get the glasses ordered.  As my prescription lenses would be expensive in the bifocals, I ordered the single vision.  That way I can see to pass the eye test.    I should have them by the 6th.  I know, I’m cutting it close … hence the title of this blog.

I’m enjoying my 4 days off.  It’s nice to spend 2 of the days with friends!  I know I need to clean the house and do the large overflowing load of laundry.  But … hahaha …. right now I’m watching McLintock.  This is one of my favorite John Wayne movies … but ssshhhh … don’t tell my hubby!!  Between James Bond and John Wayne … well, you get the picture.

All around Facebook people are posting what they are thankful for – for me, I’m thankful for my faith. my family, my friends, and my life!  I know it’s the start of the Christmas Season and I get a bluesy through New Years … hopefully … it will be different this year!

Small Group

Our church isn’t huge, however, there’s a total of about 1100 adults and children on campus for the weekend.  That’s 183 people per pastor.  Still a high number for each pastor to know and/or minister to them on the weekend.  So they encourage us to get into a small group.  Some churches call them growth groups.

This is a small group of people that meet on a regular basis, either at someone’s home or at a coffee shop.  There is one that even meets at a cafe for breakfast.  They can be couples, singles, people of any stage in life.  The purpose is to minister to each other in a smaller setting and be there for one another if one of the group members is struggling with something in their life.

Hubby and I belong to a couple’s group.  There are 5 couples in my neighborhood that meet twice a month.   We started our group in November of 2011 and we are still going strong.  It’s amazing how quickly we have become friends and look forward to our group time.

With our church’s layered learning of The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels, our group is meeting every week in March.  At first we weren’t sure it was going to work meeting weekly as we all have so many commitments during the week.  But with each week, we found ourselves looking forward to the next.

I knew we were short on small group leaders, so I started another small group for women of any stage in life.  Although there are only 3 of us in this group, it is still just as fulfilling as the couples group.  This Whisper study brought us together for the month of March, however, I think we will continue to meet on a weekly basis.   I wasn’t sure if it was a “Whisper” to start this group, however, with our first meeting it became clear that it was God who put us together.   They are such a blessing to me.  From now on, we’ve decided to make our meetings a pajama night.  No work clothes, just arriving at my house in jammies … lol … it should be fun, as we’ll watch our Whisper video, eat popcorn or chips and salsa in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.  I am soooo looking forward to this.

Happy Sunday

I have to have my picture taken today  … Have I mentioned how much I dislike having my picture taken?  Well, I have no choice as it is for work.    Since I don’t wear make-up, I was going to buy make-up, then I figured …. why?  As it would be for this one time.    So, hah … who knows how the picture is going to turn out.

Last night was the Parade of Lights in our little town. We didn’t go.  I spent a couple of hours working on the fallen leaves in the backyard and it took the rest of the day to recover.  Plus it was very cold and I could not get warm last night.  I could hear them, but the show in front of our house was interesting.  People didn’t realize that our street was closed during this time.  So they would drive by our house, then see the barrier and have to figure out how to turn around with parked cars on both sides of the street and impatient people behind them.  Demolition Derby was coming to mind.  I don’t know why they don’t put up a sign one street above, notifying them that the street is closed.  That would make so much more sense.

Unfortunately I don’t have all the leaves done.  The hopper was full, even with stomping them down.  I probably could have made a little more room, however, my neighbor came home … yes, that one …. and I didn’t want to listen to her drama de jour.  So I quickly pulled the heavy hopper out of the yard and back in its place then took off my boots, so I could walk through the back door.  I didn’t make it in time as she was taking her trash out … thankfully, I was half way in the house and only said hi while closing the screen.

Hubby is so funny.  I got a gift of cookie fixings, we just need to add butter, eggs & vanilla.  So he took the butter out last night and would check it every 10 minutes to see if it was soft yet.  Well, considering the house is set at 60 degrees, it would take awhile.  So he’ll probably tackle it today.

Speaking of hubby, the Vikings and Broncos are playing today.  He’s still sleeping … I’m amazed that at present the Vikings are ahead.   But … it’s still early in the game yet.  So after a quick check of the score, I’ll switch it back to NCIS.  Well, let’s see, after the 2nd quarter is over.  Well, that was interesting.  15 to 7, Vikings.  Maybe he should stay asleep … LOL!

Well, it’s that time to get ready … ugh!  Y’all have a great rest of the weekend.  What I was stopping in to talk about, I’ve already forgotten.  This getting old crap is for the birds!!



I hope you all have a great day with family and/or friends!!   What are your plans today?

As we are without family nearby, one of the church volunteers is having us over for Lu-inner … we’re gonna eat around 2-ish.  Also one of our neighbors asked us over for dinner or to hang out.  I think we are going there to hang out.

Our church is not a mega church, but last weekend there were approximately 1100 people throughout the whole weekend (3 services).  So trying to care for and know everyone, is difficult.  One of the things our church has been stressing is becoming a part of a small group.  Through a small group, one can grow spiritually, relationally and have a support system.   When one person in the small group is hurting, the other members are there.

Within the past few months, we thought some of our neighbors went to our church, but we didn’t know for sure.  As only God can orchestrate, when you allow Him, He kept making our paths cross, without even knowing they were our neighbors.  Once we all figured it out, one couple had said they’d been wanting to start a small group in our neighborhood.  We finally got together for the meet and greet.  We all felt comfortable with each other and decided to continue twice a month.  It not only gives us a chance to get to know our neighbors, but to have a sense of community.  Something this day and age seem to lack.

When we lived in Las Vegas, we didn’t know our neighbors.  We knew them by site, maybe their first name, but mostly by site and would wave as we were coming & going.  When we moved to Nebraska, we still didn’t know our neighbors.  Those we saw, we’d wave hi and bye.  Now that we’ve moved to our little neighborhood and have been here for a couple of years … we know the 3 neighbors on our block.  One a little too well … yes, the one that I’ve referred to in previous posts as “That Neighbor.”  Hubby would talk to the guys on our block, but we really didn’t know what they were all about.

As we’ve just started our small group, we now know there are more of us in the neighborhood that go to our church.  We now know that we can call each other, no matter what.  Most of the members in the small group live on my street.  There is one couple that live on the street over.  It’s pretty cool as we don’t just watch out for each other, but also the neighborhood.  Definitely a better sense of community!


Snow Day

Mixed feelings today.  I’m not going to work today because of all the snow the lake received yesterday and last night.  Unfortunately, with the budget cuts with the State, the snow plows are doing extra duties and not getting to the mountain as soon as they used to.   My work decided yesterday, that everyone, except for the two that live up there, is off.   I could definately use the money, but … there is more to life than money!

Sad to hear that Elizabeth Taylor died.  My condolences to her family and friends.  Scary thing … my off the wall neighbor looks like Elizabeth Taylor.  Notice I  didn’t say crazy … there has been a change in her and hopefully that change will continue as it is a good change.

Do you watch American Idol?  OMW, it was a good show last night.  I enjoyed Sugarland and Jennifer Hudson, however, the surprise at the beginning … Stevie Wonder … looked like the judges didn’t have a clue he was going to be on.  So cool that the producers can still surprise the judges.  A big surprise on who was at the bottom, however, I’m glad the judges used their only vote for the season to keep Casey.   I also thought it was pretty cool of Marc Anthony to teach these kids how to benefit from the ear piece so they can hear themselves.  All the hard work last week, paid off.   Oh and Happy Birthday, Steven Tyler!  LOL

A friend of mind sent me a link to watch Jimmy Wong’s song, which was in response to Alexandra Wallace’s video.   If you haven’t heard about this I’ve linked an interview with Jimmy –  click here for the interview and the song video. 

Ching Chong!!  Have a great Friday and weekend!