Happy Memorial Day!!

Wow, I never thought I’d have such a great weekend, but that is exactly what happened.  We had a girls weekend at a  cabin at Meeks Bay on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe.  From Friday night until Sunday morning, there were 9 of us there.  I know we all had a hesitation about going, as we didn’t know everyone well, but were blessed with such a compatible group of women.  As the weather on Saturday morning was not conducive to go outside, we stayed in.  With staying in, we all did our own thing and were comfortable in the silence of book reading, knitting, sleeping and pedicures.  We found ourselves having great conversations and finding out we had so much in common that the time flew by.  We had so much food, but it was so good!!

On Sunday, the weather cleared up and we were able to take a walk along the beach and took many pictures.

Today hubby and I were able to accompany a group from church to feed the Marines at the Marine Mountain Warfare Training Center.  What an absolute blessing!  I’m so glad we went and spent a few hours feeding them.  When we arrived, they were  training on repelling off the face of the mountain.   Hubby and I went to sit among them as we ate and it was so much fun!   We ended up talking with a Captain from Omaha, NE.

Even though this was an action packed weekend, I feel so relaxed and rested.  I’m so thankful for this weekend and all the gems that I got out of it.

Next up, my childhood best friend arrives on Friday to visit.  I’m excited to see her and her husband!!!

I hope you all are safe and sound after this holiday.  Have a great week!!


Miss Me?

I know, I’ve been back since Tuesday night and it is now Friday … what the heck??  Well, Wednesday I had to work and Thursday I recouped from the trip.  I was beat!

My trip didn’t start out that great as I sat in the plane at the gate a little over an hour and a half.  Reason?  They were trying to determine if the plane was going to fly, as the engine wouldn’t stay fired up.  Um, hello!!!  Last I looked, an engine is a major component in making a plane fly … one passenger got off.  Which got me thinking … you know when you hear stories about plane crashes or some other disaster, there is always that one person that gets off or doesn’t make the plane/train/boat and gives the interview about why?  Yeah, I was sitting there wondering!  Wondering if I’d make it to Dallas.  Wondering if I’d make the connection.  Wondering WTH am I doing still on this plane. 

Then to reassure me even more, the pilot gets on the intercom and says, I’m just waiting to get the paperwork, I think I can still fly this plane to Dallas.  HAH, okay, keyword… “Think” … I was doing alot of praying during that time on the ground!  Plus my bestest friend was also praying me through … YAY!!

Let’s just say the ride down the runway was pretty slow and the noise just wasn’t as loud as all the other plane rides I took on this trip.  I was just a tad bit freaked when they annouced that this plane was going to continue to Norfolk, however, everyone had to get off the plane, as they were going to depart from another gate … HAH … so … does that mean the plane barely made it there???  Thank you God for answering prayers!

Once I got to Lincoln … I had a blast!!  Thursday night, my son and his significant other, Ashley, took me to The Twisted Fork in Omaha for dinner.  It was quite yummy and I was starving!!

Friday I had lunch with Bruce H at Lazlo’s.  Then we had ice cream at Ivana Cone!  As I told Bruce, you could tell this ice cream was a guilty pleasure as neither of us said anything, until our ice cream was gone!  It was so much fun to finally meet Bruce face to face!  He’s a super nice guy and from reading his blog, it was like I’ve known him forever!  I cannot wait to hear about his trip to Spain when he returns!  Countdown … getting real close now … have a great trip, Bruce!

Friday early evening, I went to Mazatlans to meet with some of the gals I worked with.  It was fun catching up.  When I left the restaurant, I met up with my son and his family at the park by his house.  It was the first time to see the grandbabies, since I arrived.  They played, ran, swung and ate pizza.  Little guy was a bit disappointed that grandpa didn’t make the trip.  I had to explain that he had to stay home and watch Freddie, the dog.  Since he remembered Freddie, he was okay with that.

Saturday was action packed as Jo had communion rehearsals and  we went to Pioneer Park.  When we moved away from Lincoln they were working on making this park super nice.  I have to tell you, it is!  And we didn’t get to see all of it.  So much to do and not enough time!  After the park we went to Jo’s soccer game.  Her team won 5 to 2 …. pretty impressive that team of girls!  Yeah, grandma was a yellin’ !!  I’d catch myself moving my legs like I’m kicking or stopping the ball.  That night they had a last minute BBQ.  Food was great and the guests were fun! 

Sunday morning, bright and early, was the Lincoln National Guard Marathon.  Since the participants ran in front of my son’s residence, we all got up and sat on the front steps and cheered them on.  Of course, all the while we were eating donuts!   There was one runner that had “H”  “I” on his gloves.  So when he ran by, he opened his hands to show us.  LOL … we laughed!  There were a few people my son knew that were running.  He saw one of them and cheered away!  There was a boy down the street with his snare drum pounding out a beat for the runners.  Later he had a cymble and his snare drum!  It may have been early, but definately worth it!!

After the cheering, Ashley had to get to work and my son took his children to their mom’s house.  We all had to get ready for the big event – First Holy Communion for Mz. Jo.   Since we had time to kill, we went to Yia Yia’s for lunch.  No, we didn’t have beer, but we definately had a slice of pizza!!  Then off to church.

Jo was so pretty in her all white dress and veil.  Yes, Grandma cried!   I got to meet Ashley’s mom and step-dad as well as see my grandbabies other grandparents.  It was great to see them.  That evening we went to dinner with Ashley’s parents at the Blue Orchid.  This restaurant is hard to find as they are at the back of a huge building.  I’m not sure they advertise much, as the food is so good, it’s become popular through word of mouth.  I hadn’t had Thai food since I was in Bangkok.  What I had was delicious!!  Dang, now I have to check out recipes to make at home!

Monday I did laundry during the day.  Made soup for dinner.  Then went to listen to Jo’s violin lesson.  Ash’s lesson is right before Jo’s so we got there in time to hear the last part of hers.  How exciting.  I’ve always wanted to learn to play violin, however, after hearing the instruction and how to hold the bow and making sure you teeter the bow as you go across the strings … yeah, I think I’ll stick with the piano and guitar, which I play both lousy!  Although I do have another secret desire to play a cello.  Yeah, I know, let’s add to my collection of piano, 2 guitars, a flute and a clarinet.  I used to play piano and clarinet well … hah … not anymore.  Way too many years since I’ve touched either!  And it is NOT true that it’s like riding a bike and you’ll remember!  Number 1, I haven’t been on a bike in a long time, that I’m thinking of getting a three wheeler just to keep my rear on the bike!  Number 2, I can’t get my right and left brain to work together and read the music to let my fingers know where they are supposed to be!  I am kicking myself for not continuing … at least with the piano!!  HAH, I can see my mom now, looking down saying, “I told you so!” 

Tuesday was a long day.  Thankfully all my flights were on time.  While I was in Dallas, I had lunch at TGIF and then went to stand at the wrong gate.  I’m glad I checked the monitors!!  When I got to the correct gate, I saw someone who looked like Bradley Whitford.  When I got on the plane he was in first class …. so I’m thinking it just might have been him.  I loved watching him, Amanda Peet and Matthew Perry on Studio 60. 

The highlight of all my flights, was the last leg from LA to Reno.  My son knows I like the aisle seats so it’s easier for me to get up to use the bathroom.  On the last leg the plane had only 3 seats per row.  So, seat C which is normally an aisle, turned out to be a window.  I’m so glad that it was!  The second best thing to being ON the beach and ocean, is FLYING OVER the beach and ocean.  We took off over the beach/ocean and turned back for a second look.  The plane was small enough that we didn’t fly 33,000 feet off the ground, so I could see so much from sand, ocean, mountains, valleys, desert, mountains and snow covered mountains.  I don’t think I had my nose away from the window that whole flight.  Great views!

So that was my trip!  Unfortunately, the last one for awhile.  Thanks to my son for flying me out and back and all the fun stuff we did in between!


How many of you have heard of a U-NO bar?  It’s similar to a truffle but in a bar shape and the chocolate covering isn’t as thick.  One can either love it or hate it!  I’m in the love it category.  It was my mom’s favorite candy bar.  It is only sold in certain places … our Raley’s grocery store has them as does the Chevron in Gardnerville.  But when you find it somewhere else, it’s a total surprise.  Funny how that is.   It’s not as creamy as a Lindt truffle, but come on, who can make creamy chocolate any better than the Swiss.  But, still yummy just the same.  When I lived in Nebraska, it was no where to be found.  My boss was a closet chocoholic and I brought him some bars when I went to Vegas for a brief visit.  He Loved Them!!  LOL, now that I think of it, it was kinda cruel as he can’t get them there.  Bad Dobegil, you are a Bad Dobegil!!  Maybe when I go out there, I’ll have to bring him some, that is if I can get them past the airport nazis!

I’m back to working only on Wednesdays.  It is pretty scary how slow business is.  But that leaves me with 6 days to do something different … well, that is if I can get my butt out of this chair and do something different!!

It was snowing at the lake yesterday and cold in the valley.  I’ve had to turn the fireplace on to warm up the living room.  Bummer, as it’s gas run.    It must be cold as I went to let the dog out of his kennel this morning, he went straight to bed and got under the covers with hubby.  Dog hasn’t moved since.  I just asked him if he wanted to go outside and he looked at me like I was crazy.  LOL, I guess he would rather stay under the covers than go outside in the cold to pee. 

Last night, the hubs was eating sunflower seeds.  The dog was to the left of him and begging for a seed, after hubby shelled it.  It was quite funny.  Dog would take his paw and grab at hubby’s arm.  I should have videoed it, it would make more sense than taking a picture.  Of course, I did neither.

The hubs hours have also been cut.  He works 1 full day one week and the next week he works 1 and 1/2 days, this schedule alternates back and forth each week.  I sure hope he gets his NRA Certificate soon, so we can get his teaching going.   “The future’s so bright I gotta wear shades!”  It’s just getting the preliminary stuff done.  He has students waiting, we just need his last certificate so we can get the insurance and get on the list. 

So really, what is in our future … is totally unknown to us.  We are hanging in and trying to enjoy the time we aren’t working.

What’s on MSN

I logged onto my homepage and one of the headlines on MSN is “Low Risk Places to Buy Homes this Year.”   The one picture I recognized right off the bat.  It was Omaha, Nebraska.  When we lived in Nebraska, we would go to Omaha to shop, go to the airport, the zoo, or wander around downtown among their cool little eclectic shops on cobblestone roads or  alleys.  So when I saw this picture, it was a one I had seen through my eyes many times.  Who knew I’d recognize Omaha.  I mean ,really …  Las Vegas, Reno, San Francisco, but Omaha?  I never thought I would. 

I loved going to Omaha.   The zoo was one of my favorite places.  We, a rare occassion when hubby was with us, went to the zoo on day we had all three kids.  We walked and wandered all over.  By the time we were done, we went to Tony Roma’s for ribs.   Before the waiter could put the bread on the table, we all had one in our hand and he slowly took the empty basket away from us and said, “Okay, I’ll bring you more bread.”   LOL … We had NO idea we were that hungry.  As a matter of fact, I think everyone ate pretty much what was ordered.   HAH, too funny!  Of course, I love ribs, so my plate would have been cleaned regardless!

There was this huge old gorilla at the back of the cage watching TV.  LOL, now that was my kind of gorilla!  He didn’t want anything to do with us gawkers at the front.  He left the entertaining for the moms and the smaller ones.  As long as he had his back to us, while watching the tele, he didn’t seem to care what was going on elsewhere.  Reminded me of “Harry and the Hendersons” when Harry was watching the tele. Or, a typical dad who tuned out the family with this box of talking and moving people on it!

When I was in grade school, mom wasn’t working.  Dad would come home from his morning  job as a gardener to find mom watching soap operas.  He would get so mad at her for wasting time with these dramas.  By the time I was in junior high, mom was working at a small motel downtown as the maid.  After dad was done with his morning job, he’d come home.  With no one home, he’d eat lunch with the family on the soap opera.  He got to know them quite well.  One evening my sister came over while dad was telling mom all about what went on in that day’s show.  My sister was aghast, “Who are you talking about, that’s a terrible thing for a person to go through!”  LOL … Dad was busted, he had to fess up to my sister that he watches the soap operas before he took his nap to rest for his chef job at the hotel.  HAH, my sister couldn’t believe he was watching soap operas after all the fuss he made over mom watching them.    I guess the drama on the daily soaps were more traumatizing than the dramas he had to live with daily with his children of four girls and a boy.  It made him feel like we were a little more normal.  HAH, if he only knew!

Pics from the Qee show

Check out R Holt Design for pictures of the Qee show in Lincoln.  Those things are so small, my hands would cramp working on them.  I’m getting curious though, I may get one and see what creative thing I could do to it.  Should be fun!

First Friday, Lincoln, NE

Today is the QEEology 2.5 show in Lincoln, NE.  My son is one of the artists who did toys for this show.  You can see one of his displays here.  He’s done several others, but I like this one the best.

The show is today at Marz Martini Bar, 7pm.  Here are the fliers.

Those of you in Lincoln, NE and surrounding areas, go check these things out.  It is amazing what these artists can do to a blank vinyl toy.  If you see my son, give him a shout out for me.

Another week older

I only like cabbage in cole slaw and Runzas.  So making cabbage with my corned beef … well, let’s just say I wasn’t too keen on it.  Well, I litterally ate my words.  The Corned Beef & Cabbage recipe I used was way good!  Thank you Betty Crocker!  Her best advice … throw out that little seasoning packet that comes with the meat!  I’m a fan now. 

For those of you that don’t know what  a Runza is … well, until you’ve tried it, it’s real difficult to explain.  It’s  a Nebraska thing.   Since we don’t have any Runza stores here in the West, I make Runza Casseroles, ground beef, cabbage and already made crescent dough … YUM! 

This has been a busy week end for me.  I’ve made it through my appointments and meetings and somewhere in the middle I actually had 6 1/2 hours of working at my job.     I’ve spread weed and feed on my lawn, only to have the dandelions stand and laugh at me!  Then I sprayed a weed killer on them, and they just looked at me, as if saying, “Is that all you got?”    I just went out to look at them and their yellow flowers are laughing.  *sigh*  I think hubby secretly goes out and does something to them, as he loves dandelions.   He wants them at his funeral.  I wonder if that would be a special order?

I’ve started the domestic abuse class … wow … I had no idea there were so many types!  Are we a sick world or what?!?!?!?!  Quite and education I’m getting as well as seeing how my situation has affected me. 

Yesterday was errand day.  Then, last night I went to Reno with a friend of mine.  I’m going to be a Pampered Chef Consultant.   Have you been to a show recently???  Oh My Goodness!!  It is so much more fun, than it used to be!!  I am excited!!  I like the changes they’ve made, not only to the products, but also the company.    It’s a great way to keep my commitment to the company I work for while earning extra income.   Those of you that are far away, would you have a catalog party for me????   I’d so appreciate it!!

This morning was the Housewarming party for the new pastor’s wife.  She is so down to earth and fun to be around!  Great time this morning with all the ladies.  Now I’m ready for a nap.

Well, it is Saturday and I have six days to pull the house together before sis and her fam get here.  I guess I had better make my list of things I want to get done.  Y’all have a great weekend!!