Happy Sunday

I have to have my picture taken today  … Have I mentioned how much I dislike having my picture taken?  Well, I have no choice as it is for work.    Since I don’t wear make-up, I was going to buy make-up, then I figured …. why?  As it would be for this one time.    So, hah … who knows how the picture is going to turn out.

Last night was the Parade of Lights in our little town. We didn’t go.  I spent a couple of hours working on the fallen leaves in the backyard and it took the rest of the day to recover.  Plus it was very cold and I could not get warm last night.  I could hear them, but the show in front of our house was interesting.  People didn’t realize that our street was closed during this time.  So they would drive by our house, then see the barrier and have to figure out how to turn around with parked cars on both sides of the street and impatient people behind them.  Demolition Derby was coming to mind.  I don’t know why they don’t put up a sign one street above, notifying them that the street is closed.  That would make so much more sense.

Unfortunately I don’t have all the leaves done.  The hopper was full, even with stomping them down.  I probably could have made a little more room, however, my neighbor came home … yes, that one …. and I didn’t want to listen to her drama de jour.  So I quickly pulled the heavy hopper out of the yard and back in its place then took off my boots, so I could walk through the back door.  I didn’t make it in time as she was taking her trash out … thankfully, I was half way in the house and only said hi while closing the screen.

Hubby is so funny.  I got a gift of cookie fixings, we just need to add butter, eggs & vanilla.  So he took the butter out last night and would check it every 10 minutes to see if it was soft yet.  Well, considering the house is set at 60 degrees, it would take awhile.  So he’ll probably tackle it today.

Speaking of hubby, the Vikings and Broncos are playing today.  He’s still sleeping … I’m amazed that at present the Vikings are ahead.   But … it’s still early in the game yet.  So after a quick check of the score, I’ll switch it back to NCIS.  Well, let’s see, after the 2nd quarter is over.  Well, that was interesting.  15 to 7, Vikings.  Maybe he should stay asleep … LOL!

Well, it’s that time to get ready … ugh!  Y’all have a great rest of the weekend.  What I was stopping in to talk about, I’ve already forgotten.  This getting old crap is for the birds!!



No Rhyme to My Reason

Is it really so hard to practice good posture?  Aparently for me it is as my sciatic nerve is complaining again.   This is a holiday weekend and I really don’t want to spend all 3 days in bed with the ice pack, but sometimes my body has a whole other agenda!    So I’ve switched chairs while sitting in front of this computer in hopes that it will settle down!!

I’ve worked M, W & F at the lake doing my old job.  T & TH I was at my new job.  By Thursday I was confused on the day it was and also a week ahead of myself.  I texted hubby to see where he was so I could pick him up.  He texted back … Pick me up??  So I called him and aked if he was at the doc’s office or the library and if I needed to pick him up on my way home.  To which he said, that isn’t until next week.  DOH!  What the heck was I thinking?! 

I love my new job, even though I’ve only been there 2 days.  Although, I have this problem … tell me if you have the same kind of problem … run away mouth, before an engaged brain!  LOL  …  I have to be very mindful of what I say and how I say it.  Something new for me as my old job … I just told it like it is!  But, I know He’s working in me as I don’t say things the way I used to.  Very thankful for that!!  Well, unless I’m angered.  Hey, I’m a work in progress and trust me, He has alot of work to do in me to get me close to the person I am supposed to be!

I watched the finale of DWTS and LOVED that Hines Ward won.  I love his smile and he has such a cool personality, even though he can be one tough football player.  Plus his mom was so cute watching in the audience surrounded by very large Steeler players!!  Yeah, I’ve given up on the Vikings and am definately a Steeler fan now!!  Hines and Troy are now my favorite players.  I’m glad their colors are black and yellow … black is a favorite color of mine, I guess I’ll have to get used to yellow!!

Did anyone see the Finale to Idol???  OMW I enjoyed most of the performances.  Quite spectacular and fun!  I liked Scotty and yes, I did vote for him.  Just saying!   Although, I think James Durbin should have won!  He totally rocked it with Judas Priest!!

The aches and pains of getting older really bite!  As I type this, now my shoulder is giving me problems … really?  It wasn’t bad enough to have a bum back, now the shoulder wants to join in the act and sing a duet?!?!  Oy!!

Not much else going on from this side of the computer.  Last night was the start of the Summer concerts in the park.  Unfortunately the weather was cold, so the neighborhood wasn’t a parking lot, as the attendance wasn’t large.  Hubby and I looked at the concert calendar,  June 24th is Dave Russell, a country band; July 15 is Evolution a tribute to Journey; August 5 is Colour my World, a tribute to Chicago; last concert is August 26 and Jeff Jones will be playing.  Can’t wait.  I feel bad as it was too cold for us to walk down a couple a blocks to see the first concert, but we could hear a little with the doors open.  So that’s the summer line up in our little downtown park.  Love it!!

Wow, it’s already 1pm, I guess I should get myself fed and think about getting something done!

Y’all stay safe and have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


Well that was fun

N O T ! ! !

When did I lose touch with my body?  I guess it’s because I have been feeling better than I have in quite awhile!  So, the reason to my butt dragging tiredness … I was getting sick!  Typical upper respitory garbahge but … I still didn’t feel terrible, just was exteremely tired.  Hubby was sick also. 

Last Thursday was our monthly doc appointment.  When he checked us out, he found we were both having the same crapolah going on.  The only thing we can think of is that we were exposed to something in Vegas, as my sister was sick a couple of days before us.  Plus the irritation of the litter box didn’t help.  Anyway, we asked for samples, since I was between paychecks. 

Ya know, sometimes I wonder where my brain goes.  I saw the yellow boxes stamped Avalox and I should have headed the warning I was feeling, but my brain, wasn’t getting the “Danger Danger, Will Robinson” signal.    We get home, I take one of the pills and proceed to have dinner.  Within 30 minutes, my body starts to ache.  Once it started to throb, did my brain go, oh wait, that’s the stuff that I can’t take!  Yeah, pretty miserable 2 days I had. 

The only way I can describe it is this.  You know when your leg/arm has circulation cut off or you sit with your leg under you for too long and there is no circulation.  When you move your leg and the circulation starts to come back … that tingling of ants crawling on your limb feeling, just before you get the aching throbing feeling of life back into your limbs.  Well, that is how my whole body felt.  It started with the ants, then the ache, then the throb to the point of crying made it hurt worse! 

I’m so glad those days are behind me now and even the small left over twinges are gone.  So I’m drinking Emergency-C with Acai Berry, to try and keep whatever the original thing was at bay.

Wow, three NFL games went into OT.  I’m sure glad the Vikings won.  Of course I was yelling and the hubby and dog were cowering in the bedroom.  Hubby finally ventured out, but the dog waited … just to make sure hubby wasn’t going to run back down the hall.  LOL   The last possession the Vikings had, Brett played like the old Brett from the Packer Days.  Makes me wonder if he went against the plays Childress called and just played the game … something he’s done for a long time!   I still think Childress should leave him alone.  He and the rest of the team are on the field.   Let them just play the game!    I can see if it was a rookie or inexperienced quarterback that Childress would want to call the plays, but, come on … he has a QB that is seasoned and knows this game like the back of his hand.  Let him play and lead the team!!   ARGH!  Okay, enough of FB rant.

Snow covered mountains is what I woke up to.  They are beautiful.

Taken from outside my front door

It was quite a storm that went through here last night.  I’m sure Utah is getting it now.  We bought our dog an insulated nylon jacket, with a hood.  He has a love/hate relationship with it.  However, with the storm and how cold it has been in the house, he’s loving it now.  Especially when he had to go outside while it was raining.  I had his jacket on and his hood up and he did his business without his ears all down and all sad.  He came back in and all I had to do was wipe his feet and take off his jacket and he was dry.  

Well, I have homework reading to do, so I hope you all have a great Monday.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas

Funny, we know the person’s family that came up with that slogan. I didn’t get arrested and I had a good visit.  Our dog on the other hand … well, he’s glad to be home!

I was hoping to get on the road by noon a week ago Thursday … well, we didn’t get on the road until 1 – 1:30pm  Made it to my sister’s house around 8:30pm.  Friday hubby had his first class.  I dropped my sister at work so I could use her car to meet my friend.  It was a cool little 50’s diner with really good food!  As he says, the years melted away as we picked up where we left off in 1974.  We both talked the hours away.  Before we knew it, it was after 12pm.  Heck we could have had lunch and probably talked until it was time for me to pick up my sister.  However, I knew my dog was stressed so I had to go back to the house and let him out.   I’m real glad we had time to visit and catch up on all those years!

The dog was stressed because my niece has a kitten.  A very active little kitty that I called “snot ball” … for good reason.  His name is really Romper.  Poor Freddie, when we’d go to my sister’s, he was the prince of the house … now he’s not and he pouted the whole time we were there.  He was sure anxious to get in his box for the drive home.

It has been a year since we’ve had a cat in our home.  It’s amazing how being around a cat and the litter box affected our breathing.  We both had to use our inhaler more often than we do here.  We miss our kitty, but definately not the litter box.

Saturday I spent the afternoon with my daughter, her husband and my granddaughter.  What a blast I had.  I was wrong, my granddaughter is going to be 12 in a week.  And she is still in the loveable preteen age.  She’d put her head on my shoulder as we rode the tram.  She’d tell me about what happened at school, when we were away from her dad and my daughter.  She let me put my arm around her as we walked along the strip and hooked arms going through the casinos.  These new fancy casinos have the water flowing over the wall, so we did what most kids would do, and ran our fingers along the wall as we walked.  It was hard for her parents to tell her not to do that, when grandma was doing the same thing.  HAH!  I Love it!!   For a chocolate lover like me, we stopped at Jean Phillips pastry shop.  They had  chocolate fountains of both white and dark chocolate and what looked like a caramel fountain.  The were overhead and behind glass.  Yeah, I could have jumped right in!  Well, actually climbed up to it! 

That night we (sis, her hubby, my hubby and me) went to my (sister’s younger son) nephew’s house.  He had just bought a house in a hidden area off Oakey and Rancho Rd.  WOW, is this house a great entertaining house!!  I’m so happy for them as they’ve been looking for a long time.  Great buyer’s market right now.  He fixed steaks and potatoes.  For dessert, we had Marie Calendar’s pies.  Yummy! 

Sunday was sis’s grandson’s one year old birthday party (Her older son’s boy).  That little guy is so cute!!  Food was yummy and it was good to see the rest of my family that lives in Vegas.  Of course the Viking game was playing and I had to curb my yelling while we were at the party.  I had warned all my nephews that if I burst out yelling, it was because I forgot where I was and to not mind me!  When we got back to my sister’s house, I commenced the yelling.  My niece was in the far back of the house and she comes running up to the front room.  She thought I was yelling at her until she realized I was watching the game.   LOL … too funny. 

I was ready to go home.  It was a busy weekend.  Hubby missed out on alot as his classes went late.  The only thing he made it to was on Saturday for dinner.  Sunday his class ran pretty late as they had to cram 4 days worth of information in 3 days.  So he didn’t get home until 7:30-8pm.   Once again we didn’t get on the road until 1:30, closer to 2pm.  But it was a good drive even though hubby’s mind was still swimming with information.

Missed it by that much

I was hoping the Vikings would have won tonight and advanced to the Super Bowl.  However, it wasn’t meant to be. 

Since the Saints have never been to a Super Bowl it is pretty cool that they are going.  Can you imagine the party going down in the party capital of the states?

We were in New Orleans, about a week or so before 9/11 happened.   Hubby had a week long seminar/class there and I decided to join him so I could sightsee.  Our oldest daughter met us there.  While he was in his meetings, she and I wandered the city.  It was pretty fun, especially since it was a Mardi Gras … okay, Gay Mardi Gras.   LOL, it was quite colorful … the people and the clothes, that were there in attendance.  We walked down Bourbon St. at night, and watched all the people exchange beads … LOL !!

It was still fun, in the middle of the summer.  Even though my Vikings lost, I am glad the Saints are going to the Super Bowl.  A team that has never been, coming from an area that has suffered such devastation from Katrina. 

I like the Colts, but it would be such a boost for New Orleans if their team wins it.  I know who I’m rooting for … how about you?

Kick Butt, Vikings!!

I say this only because they usually go into a game with a team that has a bad record … and LOSE to that team.  I just hope they all keep their egos in check and play the game to win.

They’ve had 2 weeks off to recover … I hope it was long enough!  So if y’all hear me yelling from my little house, just pay no mind … I’m just having a major cow over this team!