Another Month Gone

It has been a wild month.  Between being sick on and off, mostly on, and the events going on at church, I’ve had enough energy to get through work and go home to bed.

Our church hosted a Comedy Night with Nazareth.  He’s pretty funny!  Then he did the weekend teaching at church.  The following weekend was the Love & Respect Conference and over 100 people went through this conference.  It was great to hear how many couples reconnected in their relationships.  This weekend is the church’s 15th birthday.  Amazing – donuts and T-shirts is in store for this weekend.  After that, next Friday is our Thanks to You Volunteer Appreciation.  We are celebrating what God has done in our church through our volunteers.  I’m tired just typing this, hah!  We have a break and then the Easter Preparations begin.  Yup, we are rockin’ and rollin’ and lovin’ every minute, even though it’s exhausting!

For Valentines Day, hubby went out at bought me the last ticket for this concert.  I am so excited to go on a girl’s night out with a bunch of incredible ladies.  Thanks S4L for letting me know about this.  I know the flyer says it’s in California, however, the tour will be in Reno on Saturday 2/16/13 night.  I am so excited to just have a night off and doing something other than thinking about how behind I am at work!!

Mind you, hubby going out to purchase this ticket was no easy feat as he is still sick.  He’s now on his 4th round, 3rd different, antibiotics as his  lungs keep having bronchial spasms when he gets in the cold air and can’t breathe as well as having a sinus infection.  So I am very grateful and appreciate the effort that it took for him to did that!

I’m also on another round of antibiotics – but at least I am able to go to work and function.  I’m feeling way better and left work early today so I could come home and rest to be ready for fun tomorrow night.

Plus I’m excited that we have Monday off for President’s Day.  Yes, an extra day off to recoup and shop.  I need to find something to wear to Thanks to You.

So that’s my crazy world – I’m still hanging in and loving’ my church.

Y’all have a great 3 day weekend!!!


What a weekend

I’ve been at the church most of the weekend.   I thought I’d be exhausted from this weekend, however, it was not the case.  I felt so energized and full of encouragement that I wanted the weekend to continue on.

Friday night, after working all day, was the first day of the Love and Respect Conference.  Oh. My. Word.  If you have ever wanted to know why your spouse/significant other thinks, talks, does the things they do … this is a MUST!!  I thought my husband was the only one … But not so!!  He or I am not wrong … we are just different.  You can check out the website for Love & Respect here.    Check out the website and see if the live conference  will be in your area.  If not, then obtain the DVD’s or CD’s … SO DEFINATELY WORTH THE MONEY!!!

After being at the L & R conference all morning Saturday … Saturday afternoon was the first service with Dave Dravecky as the guest speaker.  WOW!!  As I had to be at all the services (1 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday morning), I was not bored with any of his speech.  He made each time just a little different, but still the same.  It was very good!!  If he should ever come to your area, he is a a MUST see!  His website is here.  Very Powerful stuff!!!

So the weekend flew by and I was happy and sad that it was gone in a flash.  I wanted to savor it as long as I could.  Have I told you how much I LOVE my church and LOVE my job!?!?  Best things in the world!!  Thank you God!!!

Woe is me!

Don’t  you hate it when you get into that mood?  Darkness just consumes me when I’m there.  I had awful dark thoughts and it took all day to pull out of it.   What triggered it?  Pride, insecurity, anger, sadness.

Why pride?  Because it was all about what I wasn’t getting.  What I wasn’t doing.   Yeah, it was “all about me!”

Which led to insecurity – I’m not worthy to be among the other moms today.  I’m not worth anything to my children.  They don’t care about me.  No one cares.

Which led to anger – I was getting mad that hubby was still in bed and was still in bed until 2pm or so.  I was getting mad that he didn’t have anything planned for mom’s day.  I was getting mad that he doesn’t have any initiative to think ahead to plan something special for the day or any special day for that matter. 

Which led to sadness and feeling sorry for myself.  

I did send him out for cake last night.  That is after I made dinner! 

Yes, I have issues, but then again, who doesn’t.  I keep making excuses that he stays up all night, that’s why he sleeps so late.  I make the excuses that he still doesn’t feel well, and that’s why he can’t sleep.  I get tired of making excuses!  I get tired of being the one who tries to keep things together.  I just get plain tired! 

So this tired person had a slight melt down yesterday.  But today is a new day and I’m feeling better.