Happy New Year, 19 Days Late

Wow, was November really my last post?  Well, the old house got packed, the truck got loaded, thanks to many amazing friends and we drove half way across the country thanks to our son!!  Also Thanks to our oldest daughter for letting us crash at her house along the way!

We found ourselves in Nebraska, Homeless, Car-less and Jobless.  It’s a weird feeling when everything you own is in a 10 x 15 storage unit!  Well with overflow in our son’s garage and basement.  We lived in his basement for a month, which was nice as we were able to spend Christmas and New Years with them, get to know the baby or have her get to know us.  LOL

On December 31st we signed a lease for a 2 bdrm, 1 bath duplex (we’re on the main level and have neighbors upstairs.)  However, we didn’t move our stuff in until the 2nd, again thanks to our son and his friends!!

We’ve actually only lived here since the 7th as we’ve been sick for a month and no energy to do this.  We learned from our new doctor here that the first month in a new area, your body has no immunity.  Well, it’s a double whammy as I don’t have an immunity system at all.  We’ve managed to catch this every lingering upper respiratory mess.  One or two days you start feeling better and then it’s back to feeling crappy for another one or two days.  And that’s on antibiotics.  I’m hoping we’ll be done with this soon!!  I’d say we both are about 75% better and just started the second round of antibiotics … yeehaw!  I’ll be so very happy when this coughing stops along with the blowing of my nose!!

We still are car-less, so we borrow our son’s vehicle when we need to go out.  Wow, that’s come full circle … having to ask to borrow the car!

It has been very cold, however, this week it’s been real nice.  I’m able to go out in a sweatshirt and sweatpants.  I still wear my warm fuzzy boots, keep my feeties warm!

All in all, we are doing good.  Trying to get into a routine, but not compromise the body’s immune system.  Such a fine line I have to walk.  I need to listen to my body more and not want to go and see the grandbabies in their activities.  This Sunday was a good example of that, I had insomnia Saturday night and my body was telling me to stay home and not go out.  So I missed the band concert and the b-ball game.  My son did take me to the pharmacy to get the next round of the drugs.  So instead we stayed home and are tying to put the front room together.  It’s coming along, I still have a few things to do, but it may have to wait until tomorrow, we’ll see.

Hope you all are having a great Monday!!  I’m going to see what I can or cannot do … lol … dang body!!!


Little of this, a little of that

First of all, thank you all for your well wishes!  Knowing you are with my in thoughts and prayers has helped quite a bit!  

Hubby is home.  As of yesterday he hadn’t slept since surgery.  However, we have an awesome ENT who explained the sensations he was going through and the anxiety of not wanting to sleep.  He’d fall asleep and jerk awake with  his heart racing and feeling like he was drowning.  One more med to help him relax and he was able to sleep last night and as I type, he’s sleeping soundly on the couch. 

Did I mention how great this doc is?  He makes his own phone calls and he calls to check up on his patient.  I would definately recommend him for this area!!

I have mixed feelings about going to work Thurs. and Fri.  We definately need the money, especially since hubby isn’t working for a couple of weeks.  I think if he gets sleep today and a good night’s sleep tonight, I’ll feel better about leaving him alone. 

It’s supposed to be cooler the next two days, so the house should be comfortable.  I know I was complaining about winter last week, but I would have liked to had a little more spring, instead of jumping right into summer with no A/C!!   All I can think of is that I’m melting the excess fat on my body!!  LOL

I guess I really have more of this and hardly any of that, as I have been so consumed with hubby and his recovery.  I barely know what day it is!  Having to play nurse these past few days … I mean, taking vitals (BP, Temp & Blood Sugar) as well as dishing out meds … I realize I am not cut out for the nursing field!!  Before surgery I was thinking of going back to school, but after surgery … NO WAY!  LOL … it’s really not that bad, but watching the nurses in the hospital, staying late for surgery/recovery and then taking care of them after surgery.  Not!!  I guess one lady kept ringing her buzzer and they had just left her room. 

On a good note, the hospital behind the surgical center, had great food!!  I just had to walk the path to the hospital and was rewarded with tasty morsels!  

So this has been my life the last week.  I hope your humpday is good and the downhill to the weekend is even better!

Lost in the maze of my mind

Sometimes I feel like this.  So many corridors in my brain that I find myself wandering around looking for the right door.  I could camp out in the different sections of my brain and get lost in the thought or quickly pass a section so I don’t have to relive it. 

Are there things in your brain that you don’t want to relive?  I can only remember snippits of my life that I wouldn’t want to go back to.  Then there are parts of my life I would love to remember, and they elude me. 

I feel like a leafless tree with many branches standing with the fog floating heavily around me. 

Then again, I could just be plain tired as it is now 11pm and I’m sitting here typing and not lying in bed trying to sleep. 

I hate when I can feel the insomnia starting.  I’m hoping it doesn’t, but with the upcoming move, I get all crazed with anticipation, especially since I haven’t even started to do the necessary preliminary stuff to move (utitilies, post office, etc.)  

Well, I guess I will try again to close these eyes and see if Mr. Sandman will bring me a nice dream and not a nightmare.

Insomnia has returned

Here I sit at 4:40am.  I’ve been up for 2+ hours now and i am thankful it is a weekend and do not have to work in the morning.  So, instead, I’ve paid bills and now I’m broke … LOL … ain’t that the way!  Oh well, such is life.

I’ve watched the Flower Power infomercial.  I’ve watched the get rich quick Infomercial and I’ve just finished watching The Holiday.  Now Dante’s Peak is on.  I really should get rid of the movie channels, since they constantly repeat the movies over and over again, PLUS, the fact these movies are old!  And here I go rambling again … lol … sorry ya’ll.

So what woke me up in the middle of the night?  My body rebelling yet again.  My right ovary was screaming and the pain went straight through to the back.  I can’t take a pain pill, since I’m allergic to it, that’s what was causing my eczema flareup.  I finally took a tylonal and it took the edge off for now.  I can’t take advil since I’m back on my arthritis meds … LOL … I’ve become a chemist with all these different meds I’m on.

I did order another exercise dvd.  Since I enjoy dancing, it’s a dance exercise dvd.  LOL, yes I know, it will be added to the list of other exercise tapes on my shelf.  I’m going to try and actually do this one.  Yeah, I know, I’ve said that before.

Work has been slow, makes for really long days.  Construction slow down has finally hit our company.  Hopefully we can hold our own until things get better in the next few years.  So how long does it take to get a nursing degree?