What a way to start the year!

First, I want to say thanks to those that left comments, those I’ve approved and those that I haven’t.  I’m real bad about answering back, but I do thank you.  Also, I’d like to welcome the new readers!  I’m glad I can make a boring day brighter.

This weather is going to be a challenge on my health, (why is this a surprise?).  One day it’s in the 40’s, next it’s in the single digits, then back to the 40’s.  Because of this weather change, we are sick, yet again!  At least hubby and I are sick at the same time and started antibiotics today.  That’s a good thing, so hopefully we can get this done and over with and not keep passing it back and forth to each other.  That makes for a long winter when we take turns being sick!

The bad thing about being sick is that I’ve now missed 3 days of work.  I’m very thankful I have a grace filled employer.   As our lead pastor says, “When it comes to the Pony Express, you take care of the ponies, otherwise, there would be no mail!”  So he is trying to change the culture, people first, tasks second.  I love my job and my fellow staff members!!

We’ve had several deaths this week, people I know, but don’t know well.  I’m sad for the family and friends left behind.  However, as they were believers, I can see them dancing on streets of gold in new bodies.

Fire season is supposed to be done, however … it’s been so dry in addition to cold, so the timbers are primed.  Unfortunately a fire broke out in our region.  I’ve enclosed the link to the paper.  Amazing and very heart breaking pictures are in this article.

Well, the heavy duty cough syrup has hit, so I’ll sign off.  Y’all have a great weekend and stay safe out there!!



I hope you all have a great day with family and/or friends!!   What are your plans today?

As we are without family nearby, one of the church volunteers is having us over for Lu-inner … we’re gonna eat around 2-ish.  Also one of our neighbors asked us over for dinner or to hang out.  I think we are going there to hang out.

Our church is not a mega church, but last weekend there were approximately 1100 people throughout the whole weekend (3 services).  So trying to care for and know everyone, is difficult.  One of the things our church has been stressing is becoming a part of a small group.  Through a small group, one can grow spiritually, relationally and have a support system.   When one person in the small group is hurting, the other members are there.

Within the past few months, we thought some of our neighbors went to our church, but we didn’t know for sure.  As only God can orchestrate, when you allow Him, He kept making our paths cross, without even knowing they were our neighbors.  Once we all figured it out, one couple had said they’d been wanting to start a small group in our neighborhood.  We finally got together for the meet and greet.  We all felt comfortable with each other and decided to continue twice a month.  It not only gives us a chance to get to know our neighbors, but to have a sense of community.  Something this day and age seem to lack.

When we lived in Las Vegas, we didn’t know our neighbors.  We knew them by site, maybe their first name, but mostly by site and would wave as we were coming & going.  When we moved to Nebraska, we still didn’t know our neighbors.  Those we saw, we’d wave hi and bye.  Now that we’ve moved to our little neighborhood and have been here for a couple of years … we know the 3 neighbors on our block.  One a little too well … yes, the one that I’ve referred to in previous posts as “That Neighbor.”  Hubby would talk to the guys on our block, but we really didn’t know what they were all about.

As we’ve just started our small group, we now know there are more of us in the neighborhood that go to our church.  We now know that we can call each other, no matter what.  Most of the members in the small group live on my street.  There is one couple that live on the street over.  It’s pretty cool as we don’t just watch out for each other, but also the neighborhood.  Definitely a better sense of community!


Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!!

The green area behind the office building across the street is used by dog owners to let their dogs run and be free.    There’s this one dog that barks 5 ruffs in a row every few minutes.  I sure hope he’s ruffing because he’s happy as it drives me crazy … which, by the way, is a very short trip!

It is Saturday morning, and I. slept. in.  YES!!  I didn’t get up until 9 something in the morning.  I really don’t know what time it was as my bedroom clock is 30-40 minutes ahead.  When I looked at the bedroom clock it was close to 10am.  How crazy are we?  We have the clocks in the kitchen set 5 minutes ahead.  The bedroom clock, I have no idea as the hubs is the one who sets it.   Think we have a problem with being late??  LOL … not us?!    We are the irritating people who sets the alarm early and hit snooze over and over and over.  LOL, probably a good thing we don’t live in an apartment.

Heavenly Ski Resort must have received quite a bit of snow.  There have been many explosions all morning as they conduct their controlled avalaches.  Kind of like controlled fires in fire season.   Our house is at the bottom of the Sierra’s from Heavenly so we hear the explosions quite well.  The dog usually freaks and hides under the covers.   Such a brave soul.

We got enough snow to cover the grass.  It looks like the sun is trying to shine, as I write this, most of it has already melted.  Yay, no shoveling!!  Not that there was anything to shovel.  I know I’m ready for spring.  I just wish our spring season would last more than a couple of weeks up here.  Before long, I’ll be complaining that it is too hot.  Nope, I’m never happy!  HAH!

Well, I’m gonna park my butt on the couch and watch the tele.  I’d like to say that I’d watching something exciting, but I’m not into basketball.  Luckily there is an NCIS marathon on USA.  Gotta love Mark Harmon, as he’s very easy on the eyes!!  Have a great weekend!!!

Couch to 5K

I must say, day one wasn’t bad.  The first five minutes I was sucking air, but once I got my breathing rhythm down, it was better!

I know I live at the bottom of the Sierra’s, but seriously?  Another major winter storm!?!?!?  *sigh*  I am so ready for spring!  Even my daffodils think it should be spring as they are starting to bloom.    Thankfully, I got off the mountain before the real blizzard started.

Hubby has been so good to me.  He’s been fixing my lunch the night before I have to work.  Actually he’s been doing quite a bit around here and I don’t give him enough credit.  Thanks, Hubby!!  You are the best!!

How many of you like popcorn?  We’ve been having popcorn, almost every night.  We buy the kernels and pop them in a pan over the stove.  It’s so good!!  We don’t even buy the microwave kind anymore.  At least we can control what’s in our popcorn.

I found out one of my high school buds was in Hawaii when the Tsunami warnings went off.   I didn’t realize that’s where he and his wife went on their cruise.  He said they made it out to deep water before it was supposed to hit Hawaii, so, thankfully, they made it home safely!

Wow, the hubs just said that a tornado touched down just off Ocean Beach in CA.  We have actually been there.     Wow, interesting weather we are having.    Actually, end of times interesting!  I keep hearing the song lyrics, “Get ready, ’cause here I come!”   LOL … things that go through my brain!

HAH, I’m such a night owl … NOT!  I guess I’ll sign off as I’m now ready to crash!  Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

Snow in the Sierra’s

I was trying to get to work on Friday, however, the snow had other plans.

As I left my house, the streets were wet and visibility was great.  As I drove through the valley toward Carson, visibility was not that great.  It was snowing like crazy and I figured trying to get to the lake was going to be ugly.  I called the boss that lives up there, unfortunately, he didn’t answer.

I got into the turn lane going to the lake and I apprehensively  looked toward the mountain.  I started up the mountain wondering if I should continue.  Pushing down the fear, I made Red trudge up the mountain.

Halfway up, it was clear I should go back home.  So thinking I would take the ONLY exit to turn around and go back down the mountain, I did.  The road wasn’t too bad, however, the on ramp back to the highway wasn’t plowed, so I completely missed it.  Silly me, kept going down this canyon road plowing through the snow with little red.  I ended up at a dead end and had to turn around to go back the way I came.

That was not an easy feat as the snow was quite a bit higher than the clearance of the car.  As I was plowing through the snow, the front of the car kicked up all the snow onto the windshield.  I was so happy that the snow was powdery, otherwise I would have gotten stuck.  Of course, I was praying, more like pleading, all the way.

I finally made it back to the off ramp I had turned off on and headed back up the mountain.  Yes, I was going up the wrong way on the off ramp.  By the time I reached the summit, my boss called and said it was a bad day to come up as he already had 2 feet of snow at his house.  HAH, I was so happy to hear that!  I turned around at the summit and made my way back home … slowly!

I got home around 9:15am and was so ready for a drink!   LOL … no, I didn’t have one … even though I was having quite a debate with myself as to why I should -vs- why I shouldn’t!

Designer Liners, who knew?

I am amazed how He works in our lives.  I woke with an anxious feeling this morning.  I knew I was being alerted to something, I just had no clue what it was.  I came out to the front room, turned on the computer and started to check my emails. 

I had placed an order online yesterday and the owner of the company had written back, telling me she was shipping the order today and calling me now.  Just as I turned, my cell phone starts ringing.  

I had the best conversation with Muriel Wiener, owner of Designer Liners.  What are designer liners, you ask? 

Well, let me ask you a question.  Do you get tired of looking at the plain trash liners covering your nice trash can in your gorgeous bathroom or bedroom?  I mean, what’s the point in getting a nice trash recepticle if you are just going to cover it with a drab white or clear bag.  I know, some of you men, don’t understand, but us women with a sense of style get what I’m saying. 

I forgot to mention,  they are also biodegradable!  What more could you ask for … better looking and better for our planet!!

So, how did Dobegil find this site?  I was looking for a bag to put orders into for my customers.  I went to those usual shopping bag supply places and they were drab and boring and expensive!  So I got to thinking, “Self, what could I put orders in that would be stylish and fun?”  Thinking along the lines of liners, I typed into “Bing”, “Designer Liners” and that is how I came upon Muriel’s business. 

Let’s just say, I’m in love with the product and I haven’t even seen it in person yet.  I love Muriel’s personality and talking to her this morning was like talking to a friend I hadn’t seen in 10 years.   If you missed the link above, you can click on her website here.    She also has a blog on WordPress, you can access it here.

Here’s her video: 

If you are in my area and would like to see them, let me know.  I will have my shipment soon to show.  If you aren’t in my area but would love to order, please, order them through Muriel’s website, just let her know that I referred you. 

And of course, you know me, I will definately let y’all know when my shipment arrives!

Beautiful Sunday Morning

Blue sky and snow covered mountains, doesn’t get any better than that!   The start of the ending to this weekend.

Friday was hubby’s range day with his department.  Which mean up real early only to still be late getting there.  But, we made it there before they started the drill.  Since we were going to be just west of Carson City, I decided to go with him, drop him off and get my errands ran.   The range is near the dump, but the colors in the hills are gorgeous!  Not sure if you can see the colors in this picture, but I tried.

Probably not, as I was far away and using my phone camera.  Oh wait, I can zoom in … lol …

Well, hopefully you can see it, on my old moniter, I can’t.  Some day I will have to get a new one, I really hate to think how old this moniter is.

Even though I didn’t shoot, I was pretty wiped out, just from running around, paying bills and doing a mini purse show at someone’s office.  By the time I got back to the range they were done and hubby was almost by himself.  One other deputy constable stayed to make sure hubby wasn’t abandoned.  LOL …. yes, I was late, by only 20-25 minutes.  As usual for this area, the wind started picking and the dust devils were having fun as we tried to load the truck.

Saturday was yard day.  I felt real bad, because my lawn was overgrown and the dandelions are taking over.  It looks so much better!  I’ve figured out why the dandelions multiplied at an alarming rate.  I thought I grabbed the bag of  Turf Builder WITH weed killer … NOT … I just grabbed the one without.  No wonder those dang dandelions were having a great time and smiling away at me!!  Time to get something else to take care of these things!

Today, I’ve homework to finish.  I’m four chapters behind in my new bible study class.  Thank goodness the chapters are short.  The hard part is really answering the questions from deep within.  Wish me luck.

Y’all have a great Sunday.  I may grab my chairs and sit on the porch and do my homework.  Hate to waste a beautiful day!