July 5, 2017

I trust everyone had a safe Independence Day.  Our’s was quiet.  Well, on our part.  We stayed home and listened to all the hoopla outside.  I did go outside and it looked like what I would think and smell a war zone would be like.  Our upstairs neighbor lit a box that had 10 fireworks in it.  Once the concussion hit my chest, I went inside.  I’m glad that holiday is over, but I’m sure there will be the odds and ends booming for the next week.

I’ve realized that hubby and I are practicing to be dead.  We spend quite a bit of time sleeping!  Mostly due to back and foot pain.  Other by lack of motivation.  I spend a lot of time in the house as it’s hot and humid outside.  It’s pretty depressing staying inside.  I’m frustrated that I’m stuck inside as I’m not driving.  So I feel like my wings have been clipped and my freedom is gone.  Which can be depressing as I used to be an adventurous one that would go wherever I wanted and do whatever I wanted!

I do miss being me!


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