January 22, 2016

I recently caught a glimpse of my backside in the mirror today.  I knew I was losing condition there, but it reminded me of a baby elephant that one of the presenters named, “Wrinkly Bottom”.  His mom also had a very wrinkly bottom, however, the baby was very brave and would challenge the vehicle by lifting up its head and trunk, holding out his ears to look bigger.  At times, he would rear up on his hind legs.  Baby ellies are so funny when they do that.  He would charge and stop when the vehicle didn’t move.  When he looked around, he realized that the rest of the herd had moved off, he ran toward his mom, with his tail straight out behind him.  It had been a while since we saw Mr. Wrinkly Bottom.  We saw him the other day on game drive.  He wasn’t in a playful mood as he just kept running after mom.  So that’s what my rear reminded me of … Mr. Wrinkly Bottom!


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