Rest In Peace, Robin Williams

I was stunned, yesterday, when I heard about Robin Williams.  Today, I am heartbroken.  It took a day for the news to sink in.  It seems to me that those with brilliant minds have such darkness within.  I’m so sad to hear the rest of the news today.  I wish they would have left it that he had died.  I don’t want to hear all the details.  Although I do feel so sorry for his personal assistant that found him.

I loved Mork & Mindy.  I’ve watched almost all of the movies he was in.  I would try and watch anything on the tele that he was on.  We were able to see him in person.  He was one of the entertainers in an Andre Agassi’s fundraiser.  He came out in a kilt and did his routine.  Amazing how fast his mind would work to make a situation funny.

I’ve seen a tweet from someone that said these words, “Genie you’re  free.”  No truer words.

My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.

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