Is it cold where you are?

I had a last minute dog sitting job.  My friends asked if I’d watch their gentle giant as they were spending the night in Reno.  Of course I said yes, as I just LOVE this dog!!  Poor guy was missing his dad that he would whimper, so I’d hold him until he settled down.  LOL  I love big dogs as I wrap my arms around his neck and hug him!

I usually go to the Parade of Lights.  But last night with the snow on the ground and as cold as it was, I figured I’d stay home with the dog.  I really wanted to take him with me, but I could see myself skiing as he would want to go faster than I can walk.

So we ended up sitting in front of the fire and watched a movie.  Not a bad way to do a Saturday night.  Plus I had stew in the crockpot and it was just what was needed on a cold winter night!!

That’s all from this side of the computer.  How are things on your side?


2 thoughts on “Is it cold where you are?

  1. We had our first substantial snow last night. Only an inch or two but it’s still snowing so it may accumulate some more. We’re also a bit frigid here with temps well below freezing.

    Hugging a dog by the fire sounds lie the perfect evening. The stew is just icing on the cake.

    • Thanks, Bruce!! Sad that I only had the dog for 24 hours, but, I know where he lives! LOL. You all stay warm. I’m hoping to be out your way in March, as my son and his wife are expecting a baby girl at the end of January. If you are around, maybe the hubs and I can meet up with you and the wife.

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