Don’t forget to Fall Back

It’s that time of year, for those states that do the time change,  to move the clocks back an hour or you will be real early for whatever you have planned for Sunday Morning.

This is new – I guess I’m going to watch the hour turn back as I am wide awake thanks to insomnia.  Sometimes my pain meds make me wide awake, so here I am staring into the computer screen.

I’m glad I don’t have to work tomorrow.  I may finally fall asleep around 5am or so.  However, I do hope it’s earlier than that!

This morning I had a class at the church.  I had to be there before 8:30am so I could open the building and make coffee.  After suffering a bit from insomnia last night, it was around 3am-ish when I fell asleep.  I rolled out of bed around 7:30am, ate, got dressed and zoomed to the church.

Ugh – this has got to stop before my body clock gets completely out of whack!!

I’m hoping the weather will hold out a little bit longer as I need to get the leaves raked up or borrow a blower to corral them into a pile and put them in the hopper.  As that sounds a lot like work, it may take me a couple of weekends to accomplish that.  I’m not sure the weather will cooperate, but we’ll see.

Here we are in November.  I only have 3 more Saturday classes and then it will Thanksgiving.

We haven’t figured out what we are going to do for Thanksgiving.  Again, I can’t decide if I’ll cook or eat out or both!  Sometimes it’s fun to go out for Turkey dinner at a casino and then cook on Friday, so we have left overs for the weekend.  But, you know me, we’ll see, as I always make up my mind that week, when everything is gone from the stores!



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