This is new

With this disease going up my arms, my forearms are now getting the tightening/stiffening that my hands would go through.  My hands would be stiff and sore, but then they’d feel better in a couple of days.

Yesterday, my hands were sore, tight & swollen.  All morning I really couldn’t use them.  After our staff meeting, I went home for a pain pill and rest.

Today, my hands are not as swollen, but the joints look inflamed.  Plus my forearms are getting tight and stiff.  It’s quite a strange sensation as it starts out like an Indian burn, then it aches & throbs (which is what is happening now) and then it releases.  Just strange I tell ya, just strange!!

I went to work this morning, in addition to my early morning Toastmasters meeting.  By 4:30pm I was done and left the office 15 minutes later.

Now, I’m aching and ready for my meds.  I think I’ll put on a video and crawl into bed, while hubby goes to church to do his Safety Team thing!

Hope your hump day was a good one – so glad we are on the down slide to the weekend!!



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