Those of you that are my friends on Facebook – thank you for your prayers last night.  I had already taken a pain pill around 6pm, but it wasn’t working at 8:30-ish.  My knees hurt while moving my legs (bending or straightening), then my feet felt like there were horns on the bottom which hurt while laying down or if I stood up.  Plus my hands were stiff & sore and my forearms felt like someone was giving me Indian Burns.  Remember those?  Yeah, I was one of those kids that would get them from other kids when I was in school!

I couldn’t sleep as I was whimpering and wincing.  To keep from taking another pain pill, I asked for prayer.  They were answered as everything that hurt,  eased up and I finally went to sleep.  It was a deep sleep and I didn’t wake until 9-ish this morning.  So again, thank you all that prayed.  I truly appreciate it!!

I did my speech last Wednesday morning and it turned out better than I had expected.  I had everyone’s attention and it intrigued the audience to hear more.  LOL … as one of my childhood friends always told me, I should write a book on my life.  HAH … It would be an adventure.

Hubby just left for church as he serves on the Safety Team.  He won’t return until after 9pm tonight.  So, I guess, I’ll try watching NCIS.  I say try, because I always fall asleep.  It’s a good thing it’s DVR’d.

Y’all have a good rest of the week.  You know what day it is tomorrow!!!   Hump Day!!!   Love that commercial!!



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