Labor Day Weekend

Here we are at the end of August.  How did that happen?

I’ve been on vacation since 8/24 and don’t return until 9/3.  It’s been a nice relaxing stay-cation.  My sis came up and did a Miche party for me.  So that was fun.  I now have a party that I have to do on the 20th.  I’m excited but it’s physically hard to do a party.  So this will be interesting!

The smoke from the Rim Fire in Yosemite is finally easing.  My sis had to leave yesterday as the smoke was getting to her and the weather down south was forecasting rain in an already soaked ground.  In order to get home safely, she left yesterday, instead of Sunday.  It was good to see her even though it was a short stay.

Not much else going on, just relaxing and trying to figure out what to do these last 3 days.  Not sure what, but …

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