There I go thinking again!

Yesterday at work, was a Memorial Service, as it was a smaller group of about 75 we had the service in the Student Ministries Room.  After the service they did a small reception in the same room.  The kitchen for this room also serves as the employee kitchen, so I was able to stand behind the curtain and hear some of what was said by the family & friends and watch the video.

Before the service, I was giving the pastor that was doing the service, a bad time. We kibitz back and forth all the time.  After he went through the door to do the service, I looked at the ladies I work with and said, “When I die, I want him to do my service.  So remind my hubby of that in case he forgets!”

One of the ladies, looked at me and said, “Of Course!!”

So I told her, “Because he does such a great job at it!!”

Then she looked at me and said, “And because of the working relationship you two have – that is just a given!”

I laughed and said, “Well, you know, the other 2 Elders can jump in and speak, but I want him to be the main one!”

That got me thinking, as it is inevitable that I will be leaving this earth, sometime, that I should start preparing my requests for my memorial.  If I get it spelled out, that would take the guess work and worry off my surviving family members.  They wouldn’t have to think what I would like, but would know what I would like.

So, I had better get to working on that!




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