Oh Boy!

As the doc was 90% sure I have Lupus, he was waiting for the 4th of 11 indicators to appear so he could be 100% sure I had Lupus.  At my rheumy doc appointment this last week, I kept telling him that my hands and feet are swollen and sore and there are times I can’t walk.  I also explained that when I have a good day it takes 2 – 3 days to recover.

So he looked at my hands and feet and what I was feeling as swollen from my end, was really tightening of the skin.  As it is obvious that I have some type of connective tissue auto-immune disease, he is now thinking I have Scleroderma.  Reason for “thinking” is that my blood test didn’t show positive for this (yet), however, my feet and hands weren’t swollen, he couldn’t even gather the skin as they were very tight, which is why it made it difficult for me to walk and hold things.  That’s why he’s thinking it’s the “S” disease.   To find out more about Scleroderma, click on the link above.

New treatment is 2.5mg of Prednisone twice a day and I’m back on the Plaquinil (Maleria Meds and if the severe side effects return, I’m to discontinue) and a plant based diet (God help me!).  As most of you know, this was the disease I was afraid of having, as my sister died of complications of Scleroderma.   I don’t know what I’m supposed to be learning from this, I keep asking God for direction and strength and courage to fight and not give up.

After taking the steroid and maleria drug that night, I can now curl my toes, when before they were too stiff to move.  So there is hope!!!  Unfortunately, there is no cure, but the symptoms can be treated.

Now, whether I have this on top of Lupus is unknown.  Lupus, Scleroderma and Rheumatoid Arthritis are all in the same family, so it is possible.  I have to get a chest X-ray for a base line, just in case the Scleroderma excellerates.    My regular doc also wants me to have a bone density test as this disease sucks the calcium from my bones.

I also asked my regular doc why I’m losing body mass … sad to hear that it is also my disease.  It not only sucks the calcium, but it attacks the muscle .  I’m just glad I had a lot of extra weight to lose as I’ve lost 5 more pounds since I saw him a month ago.

Hubby isn’t doing too well either.  He’s having issues with his sinuses and the tubes in his ears.  So he’s on heavy duty antibiotics and quite a bit stronger dose of prednisone.   The steroid is really affecting his blood sugar & causing jitters.  As of yesterday afternoon, he’s been having an equilibrium problem.  He tries to walk straight and ends up walking sideways.

So that is life on my end of the computer, how is yours?


One thought on “Oh Boy!

  1. I am so very sorry to hear about your health, and your husband’s as well. My brother has had vertigo problems for the last several years to the point where he falls and walks in circles. It has been discovered it is from vestibular migraines! He is on a special diet and is already seeing results. God is good! Keep praying.

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