Drum Roll Please ….

Diagnosis – Doc is 90% sure I have Lupus.  I now have a new medication to take and will do another blood test in 4 months and see him after that.

Today was a good day, as I hurt this morning, but, by the time I got to work, I was able to move without too much pain.  After the doc appt., we went to Reno and had dinner then wandered the mall, looking for jeans.  Hubby is now confused on the sizing of women’s clothes.  HAH – I told him, now he understands why I am so frustrated when I go clothes shopping.

It was good to walk, but walking was hard.   I got slower and slower as we wandered back and forth.  I finally had to listen to my body and tell hubby that I was done and it was time to go home.  I guess, I need to be more aware of my body and pay attention to what I can do and accept the things I cannot do, for now.

I’m still hurting, but I’m glad I have a diagnosis and a plan.  As much as I’m not looking forward to NOT eating processed foods, I’m looking forward to investigating and discovering a new lifestyle diet.

So, thanks for hanging in with me while I was silent, waiting for test results.


3 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please ….

  1. It’s nice to have a name for what’s ailing you, isn’t it? The Wife’s brother, about your age, has lupus. He lives a very active and relatively healthy life. I’m sure that, now that you know what you have, things will be better. I’m rooting for you!

  2. Sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but hopefully now there will be a clear path to plan the way forward. You’re blessed with good family, friends, and an awesome husband. With all of their support, I’m sure you’ll back to normal in no time!

  3. Thanks, Guys!! I really appreciate it! It’s nice to have a name to what’s ailing me and I’ll continue to fight as long as I have the strength. Right now the meds are working and I am feeling better every day!

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