It Is Time

I’ve managed to let myself go for many years.  When mom died, I was quite active with Tai Chi, Ballroom Dancing, etc … since she’s passed, I wasn’t able to go back to those things.  Now that I’m having more health issues, It. Is. Time.

As soon as I get the new Recreational Departments class guide, I’m signing up for Tai Chi.  Maybe Ballroom Dancing, but that will depend on hubby.

I’ve worked in my kitchen for 2 days and my body is killing me.  I haven’t even finished, just did what I could.  I also took down Christmas, although it wasn’t much as my tree was only 2 feet and my ornaments were little and only on the face side of the tree.

Now it’s after twelve and I’m done – so out of shape it isn’t even funny!

So … what are you going to do to get moving this year?


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