Happy 2013

I woke up this morning wondering what is in store for us this year.  Then I saw a FB post about a jar and adding a piece of paper in it with the good things that happen during the year, as it happens.  On New Year’s Eve, take them out and read what went on for the year.   What a great idea!!!  I started my jar.  At first I had a jar with no lid, but I remembered I was given a jar for Christmas, it’s perfect – has a lid and all.  So my only New Year’s resolution is to make it a point to write down the good that happen for the day.  Yesterday, 12/31/12 was our 29th anniversary.  Today starts our 30th.  What a great way to look back on and celebrate our 30th year of marriage.

So, what to plan dream for the year.  I know better than to plan, God always laughs at my plans and then His will be done!  So I’ll dream and watch Him make my dreams so much better!

I hope you all had a safe and happy celebration welcoming the new year.  We did as we watched the ball drop in NY on the tele and had a glass of sparkling cider.



3 thoughts on “Happy 2013

  1. Homer’s travels is my jar in a way. I enjoy looking back and reading what I’ve done throughout the year.

    Happy 2013, Dobegil. May all your dreams bring you joy and surprises.

  2. Happy, and very belated, 2013 Dobegil! Yes, I’m slowly crawling my way back onto the internet, and starting commenting with everyone’s 2013 posts. And my deep thought for this comment is: sparkling cider is awesome. 🙂

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