Yesterday went almost as planned.  Unfortunately when I woke up I wasn’t feeling well.  I had congestion in my vocal chords and was worried it was heading for my chest.  I wasn’t sure if it was real or from all the drops I have to use, so driving to the surgical center I was praying I didn’t have a fever and the surgery could go on.  Also while driving, I decided to call our doc to see if we could get in that afternoon.

Got to the surgical center and even though I felt warm, my temperature was fine and the surgery went on as planned.  After I left the center, we went to Five Guys to try their burgers.  I have mixed feelings about Five Guys.  It’s new to our area so it’s busy.  But, not only that, it is LOUD.  Oh my word it was so loud with the music and voices echoing off the walls.  I wasn’t impressed with the atmosphere.  The burger, even though you can get almost anything you want, even A-1 sauce, which made hubby happy, but they don’t have avocados.  I ordered the little burger which is 1 patty.  Hubby had the regular burger, which was 2 patties.  We both ordered with the grilled onions & mushrooms and shared the small fries.  The one thing I liked about the fries is the bottles of malted vinegar I could put in a dipping cup for my fries in!  The hamburger was huge & good, but I’ve had better.  The free peanuts are a plus.  The best thing is the soda machine!!  I had a Vanilla Coke Zero.  If I could have seen, I would have also pressed cherry to my mix of soda.  I’ll have to go back with my readers, just so I can read the soda machine.

It will be interesting to see if Five Guys quality will remain.  I like In & Out, but when it first opened in our area, the burgers didn’t taste the same as other In & Outs.  I figured it was due to the grill not being seasoned yet.  Unfortunately the burgers haven’t matched other In & Out’s taste.  Don’t know why.  I used to love Johnny Rockets, but … I loved them when they opened, but they don’t taste the same.  Now mind you, I’m talking about these restaurants that our in my area only!!  I just love a really good burger – I guess I’m still on the good burger quest.

We did manage to get to our doc’s office and are both on antibiotics, because he didn’t want us getting worse over the weekend/holidays.  I’m glad I’m home today and don’t have to go anywhere all weekend, so I can rest and heal!

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