Merry Christmas

I hope you all have a great and wonderful Christmas with family and friends.  We are hanging at home.  I’ve got a brisket slow cooking in the oven which is making this house smell really wonderful!

My surgery went well, I can actually see.  I still can’t read street signs  and use reading glasses to see up close.  Whenever I get discouraged, I just close my right eye and see how blurry the left eye still is and get a better perspective that for the first time in what seems like forever, my right eye sees so much better than my left.  I also notice that when I’m tired, my left eye tries to take over and all I see is blur.  I’m looking forward to Thursday and my left eye surgery!

As my surgery is later in the day, I’m able to eat breakfast!  YAY … you have no idea how thrilled I am about that!  That rebel in me, when told not to do something, I want to.  I think hubby was right, instead of telling you to  NOT eat after midnight, they should say, don’t have breakfast.  Because I was watching the clock and ate up to my deadline.

We had 6 Christmas Eve services at church, starting Saturday through Monday night.  It is always a wonderful experience to be there and see everyone, as well as watching the program.  Even through they are the same, there is always a slight variation … poetic license if you will.  So one doesn’t mind watching all 6, even if 5 of them are on the monitor in the lobby.

I just love the Elders of my church.  The Lead Pastor & Elder is with family out of state as his dad had just died.  So that left the other 2.  After the last service, I walked into the lobby and there they were, as I walked up, they gave me a hug, and we continued to kid each other.  It brought me back to high school.  I’d hang out with the guys in school and that moment was a pleasant realization how much I love the comradery with the Elders!  It is truly a blessing to work with these guys, the other pastors and the rest of our wonderful staff!

Again, you all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family & friends!



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