Happy Saturday!

I’ve had quite a few questions on how I got my blog to look like this.  Well, gang, I can’t take any credit for it – you just need to go to:  wordpress.com, create a blog and choose your appearance theme.  I wish I could take the credit for it, but I just chose a theme and went with it.  I’ve been known to change my theme from time to time, so … who knows.

I went home yesterday as I was grumpy and hurting.  My back was sore and my hands were on fire.  I put down 4200 glue dots and put 2100 cards into 700 programs.  LOL … it was actually fun and tedious and mindless work, but, it moved His Kingdom forward, no matter how tedious it was.  My back was sore from sitting in a weird position all day, plus I almost face planted on the steps outside the office.  ALMOST – I was able to pull my foot up to catch myself, in the meantime, I jolted my back.  My hands were on fire, from using the glue dot gun, as you have to use pressure to get the dots to stay down.  I was down all of yesterday.  Today I’ve been up and down and I’ve only had 1 pain med today.  Back is still stiff, but I’ve been moving around.

The eyeglass place called first thing this morning to let me know my glasses are here – so hubby took me up there to pick them up and brought me home before he went to work.  I can see clearer – which is a YAY – but I’m discouraged that I still cannot see clearly out of my right eye.  I’m guessing that is because of my cataract.  But for right now I have to be satisfied with the correction that I have.  I just hope it is enough to pass my eye test for my driver’s license renewal.  If not – well, … we won’t go there.

This morning, one of my friends lent me the new Notorious Nineteen book that recently came out.  I love how fast this book reads!!  I should have this done by tomorrow and then hubby can read it, before we return it.  I’m loving the book.  It’s such a nice escape into the world of Bond Enforcement!

The weather here today is quite windy.  Hubby and I were fighting the wind just to get into Walmart.  I cannot get over how many storms we have already had over the last month.  I guess it’s going to be one of those winters!

Our poor muttley is going deaf.  It’s sad, but funny at the same time.  When we come home, he’s in his kennel sound asleep and doesn’t hear us come in. When we get to the kitchen, we end up scaring him as he jumps up all startled, until his eyes focus and figures out it’s us.  Poor guy, as I’m looking at him right now, it looks like he’s shrinking.  Aaww, makes me sad.  But for a little guy that’s almost 17 or is 17 – I don’t remember, I guess he’s doing good!

Well, that’s about all the news I have for today – just another day and life of You Did What!  Y’all have a great day!

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