Yesterday, Early Evening, the admin staff honored our volunteers.  Without them, we would be busier and crazier than normal.  It was fun and intimate and the food was yummy!  We played Apples to Apples, Jr. Edition and had a blast!  I know the admin staff needed to laugh hard as well as the volunteers.

We get so bound up on what is going on in our own lives, that we forget, someone else might be going through something harder.  Not all the volunteers knew each other (maybe the name, but not the face) and not all volunteers knew the admin staff, so to end up laughing and having a great time, in spite of the initial uncomfortable feeling, is huge!

Who is the one that is there for you, no matter what?  Who will listen to you and not judge, no matter what you have to say?  Who does so much for you in the work place, no matter how busy you are?

Have you honored them recently?  Have you acknowledged them and verbally thanked them for being your support person, personally and professionally?

Think about it … isn’t it about time you did?


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