Happy Veterans Day!!!

Thank you to all that are serving and have served in the Armed Forces of these United States!  Because of your service and some, their sacrafice, we live in a country of freedom of speech, as well as freedom of religion.  So thank you all!!!

The past few months are coming back to me in bits and pieces.  In July, I had announced that our middle daughter was expecting.  Unfortunately, she lost the baby sometime before her next doctor’s appointment.  It broke my heart, not so much for me, but for her and her hubby.  I know she has been wanting a baby and to hear she was going to have a baby was such joyful news.  When they called to tell me what happened, I felt so sad for them.

She’s doing well now, but a loss can leave a scar so deep that it appears when you least expect it!

At the Women of Faith Conference, one of the speakers talked about losing a child.  Then she called those that had lost a child under any circumstances to stand.  It was quite comforting when I looked around and realized I wasn’t the only one standing and acknowledging the pain and hurt that goes with losing a baby.  Mine wasn’t due to a miscarriage, mine was due to an abortion.  Even though it was a choice, I think the part that hurts the most was that it wasn’t my choice.  The choice had been made for me by others, unbeknownst to the one I was dating.  Even though I’ve worked through so much of my past, I was surprised that just acknowledging what happened during this conference had my memories flooding back.  I’m thankful that it wasn’t a shameful memory, but a joyful memory that ended in sadness.


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