I’m Still Here

I know it’s been some time since I last posted.  I am still alive – YAY – and I’m still recovering.  Surgery was on July 10th and I survived the face down for a week.  I’m not sure my neck has.  It’s still sore and moving my neck is still tough, but it’s getting better.  A big thank you to my sister who came and spent 2 weeks with us while I recovered,  AND in a hot, no air conditioned house, during the Dog Days of Summer!  She was a trooper and helped us out quite a bit!!

This same sister went to the hospital on Thursday with a numb arm.  Thankfully, after several tests and a night at the hospital, all tests were good.  However, they did find arthritis in her neck, which could cause the numbness.

But this got me thinking – in my family my sisters and I  are the oldest generation.  Considering our oldest sister is 70; the sis I’m talking about is 63; and I’m 53 – we are the older generation.  That’s kinda freaky if I think about it.  The three of us have health issues and once we are gone, then the next  generation will be our children.  It’s the way of life, I suppose, but I never thought I’d be one of the oldest generations in my father’s immediate family (I’m still in my 20’s – at least that’s what my brain says.)

The oldest of the next generation (our children) is 47, the youngest is 31.  Wow … I do feel old now!!!

I was at a leadership summit and one of the speakers talked about honoring not just the older generation, but also the  younger generation.  Interesting thought – made me think, do I honor the younger generation?

Honor believes the best.  Dishonor believes the worst

Honor values others.  Dishonor devalues others

Honor builds up.  Dishonor tears down.

Respect is earned but honor is given

Show honor to those above you.

Show honor to those below you.”

Both generations must be intentional about working together and honoring each other.

Do you honor those above you?

Do you honor those below you?

Do you have work to do?   I know I do!!!


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