And the waiting begins again …

I saw the surgeon yesterday and this is what I have:  Macular Hole and Macular Pucker … yeah, I couldn’t get just one thing, I had to have two things going on in my eye.  But that’s because my body is weird!  The links explain what it is and the treatment … if you really want to get grossed out,  do a search in You Tube, they have the actual surgery of an eye, repairing these things.  Yes, I was stupid enough to check out the surgery.  Not sure if it helped or not, but at least I know what to expect.

I can be awake for this or knocked out.  There are pros and cons to each, so that is something I need to think and pray about as well as talk to my general doc.  My surgery is schedule for July 10th in the morning, provided I get the okay from work.  I have my bouts with fear, but then I have waves of calm.   So the wait will be beneficial to get my mind in a good place.

After I received this great news, I did what normally calms me down and eat.  We went to Claim Jumper for lunch and on our way home we stopped at Dairy Queen and bought a Turtle Brownie Ice Cream Cake.  Yeah, I know, with my diabetes that isn’t one of the best things to eat, but it sure tasted good!

So that was my Friday.   I hope you all had a good Friday and enjoy the weekend!!


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