Here we are … Tuesday again.

I’m happy to report that I am still among the living.   I haven’t had any heavy pressure in my chest, just wiggy eyes.  Hah, so what is “wiggy eyes?”  Well, to me it is feeling like my eyes are rolling around apart from each other.  It gets worse when I eat sweets.  Today at staff meeting, we were celebrating June B-days.  They had mini warm lava cakes.  Yeah, one of my favorite things … so I couldn’t resist.  I definitely paid for it.  After staff I went for a walk, had lunch, then walked again.  My body was all charged up with no place to go as I had to be at my desk.  So I’m pretty tired now.

I’m in the tapering off week.  Tomorrow, I go down to 4 pills … I’ll be happy when I’m down to zero.

My son is getting married in September and I finally made my reservation for the room.  This is the place we are staying.  So I’m excited.  It will be nice to be on vacation.  Now to secure a rental car, when you have no credit card.  Ugh … I’m not looking forward to this part.

Anyway, I just stopped in to say that I am still here.  I’m all wacked out as far as my vitals go … but this too shall pass once the drugs leave my system.

Anyway, y’all have a great week!


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