Wednesday night?

It’s funny with this being a short week how it really feels like tomorrow should be Friday … but … not so.  My childhood best friend and her husband weren’t able to stop by.  They had to get home, to take care of the mom and aunt.  However, we did get to talk most of the night on the phone!  It great talking to you JG and when you head this way again, let us know.

After we hung up I looked at my hubby and alerted him that he may need to call someone as I was starting to get  a heaviness on my chest and severe heartburn.  As the pain proceeded to get worst and radiate out and through my back, I wasn’t sure what was going on.  We checked my blood sugar and it was better than normal.  However, we checked my blood pressure and it was 209/117, after resting a bit and taking a small blood pressure pill, it went down to 185/103.  I then took another small pill and waited 20 more minutes and it went down to 155/95.  As the pain in my chest started to ease up, I was able to go to sleep.  What has caused all this?  Well, I’m on Prednisone for 2 weeks.  The doc warned me that this could happen, but I’m so glad that I we had a BP cuff to check it out.  Today I feel better and we’ll see how I continue to tolerate this medication for my back.  It was a scare for hubby, but I’m still kicking!  Right now it’s 156/95 … and I don’t have the pain in my chest…YAY!

Not much else is going on … I may take it easy the rest of the week.  Thankfully work is not hectic crazy, but busy enough.  Our lead pastor just returned to the states from Africa.  He and his wife will be driving home tomorrow.  So I am excited to see him and give him a hug!!

Well, I guess I’ll sign off – y’all have a great down slide to the weekend!!


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