Happy Mother’s Day to all you Momma’s out there!

So hubby was baptized on April 28th as scheduled.  One of the highlights of our marriage!  Then Sunday was the celebration at our house.  We had around 20+ people here…as our house is small, we all wandered out to the patio (back driveway which is semi-covered) and had a great time!  Many Thanks to my sister for marking the uneven cracks in the cement and for decorating the patio, as well as the new heavy duty card table and chairs!

After that we got to visit for the next couple of days, then she left Wednesday morning.  We left Thursday morning for Thrive, W O W ! ! !  It was an action packed 48 hours, but so energizing and fulfilling.  For those of you that serve in Ministry and/or work for a church, you definitely need to check out Thrive here.  I’m hoping we get to go again next year!!  We had a great time and great freebies!!

We came home Saturday night and picked up muttly from Sushi 4 Lunch’s house – Thanks again for watching our very spoiled dog!!  Then  we crashed the rest of the day.  Hubby had to work in his ministry on Sunday and I continued to rest as I knew I had a full week ahead of me.

I’ve managed to rake the yard, yesterday.  Working in the yard is something I enjoy, however, my back sure doesn’t.  I started paying for it yesterday afternoon, however, today … I am really paying for it.  I wanted to go to church yesterday, since I had to do some job work over the phone and after church I came home with several more things to take care of.  To make matters even more interesting, I had taken a pain pill around noon yesterday … so being at the 4:30pm service was quite a new experience.  Note to self – do not take a pain pill before church.  Although I was pain free!!

Today, I have one more call to make for work and an email – then hopefully I’ll be done for the day and can relax and maybe, just maybe, my back pain will ease up and I can enjoy the rest of the day.

So that’s it … My wild and crazy world is still wild and crazy … and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!

Again, Happy Momma’s Day to all you Mommas out there!


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