Many things going on

So many things going on, I’m not sure I can get them all written down.  Let’s see, first of all, I’m feeling better.  I don’t think I’m quite 100% however, I am feeling so much better.  I’m hoping this week I’ll finally be fully recovered.

Then hubby got really sick.  I mean really sick to the point of spewing his guts most of last Thursday morning.  I left work early to take him to the doc.  He was feeling achy before Thursday, but the velocity of his getting sick, was more along the lines of food poisoning.  Unfortunately these were too close for the doc to tell.  But he said either way, he picked up a bug.  If it’s the flu it will take a while to recover.  If it is food poisoning, it will can take 3 days up to 6 days to recover.  What I didn’t realize is that  one can have a fever with food poisoning.  It makes sense after the doc said that your body is reacting, not to the bug itself, but the toxins the bug leaves behind.  Therefore, the fever is your body’s natural defense.  Poor guy, yesterday he was feeling a little better, however, he was weak and no energy.  Today he was feeling a little better and overdid it by doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  I made him stay home from his volunteer work so he could continue to recover.  He plans on going to work tomorrow, but again, I told him to take tomorrow’s volunteering night off so he can finally kick this thing.  I felt so bad as he was just burning up with a fever,, achy all over and his stomach hurt so bad!

He’s been planning on getting baptized as a reconfirmation of his commitment to Christ.  He needs to take his class on Thursday night, then baptism is on Saturday afternoon.  On Sunday, we are having an Open House to celebrate this wonderful decision and I am so excited and proud of my hubby.   My sister, his sister and her husband will be here to join in the celebration, so we are excited!

Next week, hubby and I go to Sacramento for Thrive.  I am so excited, as I’ve always wanted to go to Thrive.  So I’m real excited to go with hubby and as a staff member to this great conference.  We’ll be gone at the end of next week and I really cannot wait!!

Since we will be gone, I have to board the dog.  Unfortunately, he’s due for all his shots before I can board him.  So Thursday morning, hubby is taking him to Reno to get shot … hahaha … vaccinated that is.  So much to do to prepare to be gone for 3 days.  Plus getting the house together for the party.  I’m so excited, exhausted and anxious … LOL … so much to do, so little time.

Well, I hope you all have a great rest of the week.


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