Friday the 13th

I’m home for day 3 of being sick.  It is not fun.  I have no energy to do anything.  Today is the first day I fill like sitting up.  I’m hungry too, so that is a good sign that I’m on the road to recovery. Tuesday I awoke with a scratchy throat.  Wednesday it was on fire.  As my doc isn’t in his office on Wednesday, I had to wait until Thursday to see him.  So I ended up with a shot of antibiotics and 10 days of stronger antibiotics to try and beat this thing.  Not sure what it is, as from my throat up is red and nasty.

I would like to know where all this stuff comes from.  I’ve been blowing my nose for three days now and it is still never ending.  I’m pretty sure my brain is leaking out!  Not a good thing as I’m not sure I have enough brain to leak!  I’m writing this from the darkness of my room, propped up with pillows watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers as hubby sleeps beside me and dog is in his box.

My head feels lopsided as both ears are full of fluid.  HAH … such a site I am!  I guess I’m feeling sorry for myself. Hoping I’ll feel better soon.  I guess today is a start as I’m actually writing.  I know I’m not making sense, but I’m trying.

Anyway, y’all have a great Friday.  Is it snowing where you are?


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