Small Group

Our church isn’t huge, however, there’s a total of about 1100 adults and children on campus for the weekend.  That’s 183 people per pastor.  Still a high number for each pastor to know and/or minister to them on the weekend.  So they encourage us to get into a small group.  Some churches call them growth groups.

This is a small group of people that meet on a regular basis, either at someone’s home or at a coffee shop.  There is one that even meets at a cafe for breakfast.  They can be couples, singles, people of any stage in life.  The purpose is to minister to each other in a smaller setting and be there for one another if one of the group members is struggling with something in their life.

Hubby and I belong to a couple’s group.  There are 5 couples in my neighborhood that meet twice a month.   We started our group in November of 2011 and we are still going strong.  It’s amazing how quickly we have become friends and look forward to our group time.

With our church’s layered learning of The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels, our group is meeting every week in March.  At first we weren’t sure it was going to work meeting weekly as we all have so many commitments during the week.  But with each week, we found ourselves looking forward to the next.

I knew we were short on small group leaders, so I started another small group for women of any stage in life.  Although there are only 3 of us in this group, it is still just as fulfilling as the couples group.  This Whisper study brought us together for the month of March, however, I think we will continue to meet on a weekly basis.   I wasn’t sure if it was a “Whisper” to start this group, however, with our first meeting it became clear that it was God who put us together.   They are such a blessing to me.  From now on, we’ve decided to make our meetings a pajama night.  No work clothes, just arriving at my house in jammies … lol … it should be fun, as we’ll watch our Whisper video, eat popcorn or chips and salsa in a relaxed comfortable atmosphere.  I am soooo looking forward to this.


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