Elegance in Carson Valley?

We celebrated our volunteers last night.  It was a decadent dessert buffet with cheesecake, brownies, madeleines, red velvet cake balls with white chocolate, strawberries and a chocolate fountain.  We wanted to thank the volunteers in a special way for all they do to make the activities at church happen, all week long.  The theme was Oscar night and the auditorium looked fabulous!

Last year (I wasn’t on staff then), the celebration was a skit by the staff, with the finale being the male pastors lip singing & dancing to NSYNC’s, “Bye Bye Bye.”  So the volunteers were truly looking forward to this year’s event.  They were entertained by our lead pastor as the opening act (have I mentioned that he used to do standup?) … then the headliner was “Nazareth” … .no … not the group … the comedian!  Funny funny stuff!  I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!!

Another long day, another exhausting night, but so definitely worth it!!   I. Love. My. Job.   Oh … and no ticket this time … as hubby drove!!


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