Great Fun!

Yesterday was one of our assistant’s last day.  We are real sad she’s going, because of her new circumstances, she was only with us for a short time.  As I mentioned before, she has always wanted to do a chair race.  So, yesterday, we did.  It was so fun and so funny!!  Unfortunately, I haven’t asked for permission to post it, but trust me, it was good!

I mentioned to one of my friends that we had a team building moment.  When I reflected on it, it really was a team/trust building moment.  It wasn’t just the assistants in this race, but also the finance director, who is our immediate supervisor.  For her to join in was huge, not just to the one leaving, but to those that are still there.

As much as we missed our pastors this week, we had a great day of laughing, something our lead pastor encourages!  After our race, we all went to lunch for our friend’s farewell.  When she left, our office was quiet, somber really.   After a day of great fun, her walking out the door for the last time, brought us back to the reality that it was her last day working with us.

Thinking back, in my other places of employment, when other co-workers have left their jobs, I have never felt that type of emotional loss.  We became a team in such a short time.  If this is a glimpse of what our team can be, then I am filled with anticipation to see who God brings as her replacement.



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