While the cats are away …

All of our pastors and their spouses are gone this week.  In addition there are two staff members of Children’s Ministry also gone this week.  They all seemed to fret over leaving the remaining staff behind (about 10 of us).   I’m thankful my calendar is light … but … it gives me time to dream up things to do while they are gone.

Our one pastor who is quite mischievous was specific on where he wanted his new white board to be installed.  So we were thinking of having someone hold it to the ceiling while I take a picture and send it to him, with the caption of …”How does this look?”

Another thing is filming chair races.  We definitely are going to have chair races before the week is out, it should provide interesting conversation when we send the clip to them while they are gone.

Someone else is going to bring his clubs so we can pretend to play office golf and hit the cups on the floor.

These are just a few of the things we thought of.  We are hoping to get them done and either show them at our next staff meeting, or send them clips while they are away.

Don’t get me wrong, ministry is still happening and the tasks are getting done, but we need to throw in some comic relief here and there.

Have I told you lately, that I love my job?!?!


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