Saturday Morning

I woke up to an idea for a post and now that I’m awake I have several different things in my head that I could talk about.  So this may be one of those posts that goes from one thing to another, then to another.  I haven’t even decided if I’m going to title this post.  If that is the case, grab a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate and pretend I’m a newspaper.

So I woke up to … what is it that gets you through.  I know that leaves a wide open door … as you may be saying what gets me through what?  Have you ever felt like the ground was going to give out on you?  How about facing something that is horrible, what gets you through it?

What I remember of my dream is now starting to fade, but at the time I awoke, it was quite vivid and I told myself to write about it.   I had a very action packed adventure going on in my head and now the only thing I can remember is standing on something similar to scaffolding with another person next to me and trying to get to a child.  I don’t know if they were related to me or if they were strangers, but I knew it was one of those “have to push through” times to do whatever it took to get to this child.  I remember thinking to myself, do I have what it takes?  Do I have the strength and courage to do this?  I’m so far up off the ground, what if I slipped?  What if the child fell, could I live with that? Who knows, maybe I wasn’t the one trying to save the child, maybe the child is me!  Now that puts my dream in a whole new light … one I’m going to have to unpack, as our lead pastor says.

I should have started this post the minute I sat down at this computer, but the evil empire of Facebook lured me first and now my dream is a mist evaporating quickly.

Do you ever wonder what causes a dream?  Is it something I watched before I went to bed?  Is it something I ate?  Is there something going on inside of me that feels this way?  If so, what is it?  I have a hard time pulling out of me what is going on inside.  I’m one that is more comfortable to push thoughts out of my mind and feelings out of the way.  But, I know that they come back, usually with a vengeance, if I don’t deal with it.

So, what is the cause of my dream?  I’m not really sure.  I sit here with my tea, looking at my life.  I’m not sure I have enough free hours today to search inside, especially if I can find something more fun to do.  If I figure it out, I’ll let you know.

The next thing that I thought about was “Passwords.”  Why passwords?  Well, I couldn’t remember my password to access this site!  How many different passwords do we have to remember?  Some require capital letters in this word that gains access.  Others require characters, numbers, letters and a capital letter to give you access to what one would think is a secret treasure.   I always have to pause and think what site I’m trying to gain access to and in my brain scroll through the passwords to find the right one.  Then when I think I have remembered the correct on, I am assaulted with “I’m sorry, but your user name and/or password doesn’t match our system.”  Surely then, your system is broken, because there is no way that it is my memory!  *sigh*

I can remember so many past things, but then something very simple, like what we had for dinner yesterday, two days ago or last week, I cannot bring to the front of my mind?   What gets me is when the days are lost.  I remember something that happened, but I cannot recall the day it happened.   I feel like I have to hit replay to recall what happened before, so I can figure out the day.  Yeah, my head hurts already.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I am working until I die.  I cannot ever retire.  If I retire, my brain will turn to mush and I won’t be able to recall anything.  How sad is that?  But hey, maybe I’ll be able to take some pretty amazing vacations!  Oh yeah, in my dreams!

The last thing going through my brain is death.  I have a friend who’s friend just died at a young age of 30-something.  I have another one whose family member just had an organ transplant and went through quite an ordeal before this person was stable.  One may not be able to save them physically, but what about spiritually?  How do you go about sharing your Savior with them without sounding like a Bible thumper or a pulpit pounding preacher?

What gets through the most, action or words?




2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. You are very good to remember all the things you wanted to blog about! I think of something brilliant but by the time I get to sit down and post it, I’ve forgotten!

    I’m trying out some medication for my body aches and I have to say it’s making me feel about 10 years older! I really don’t like it. We’ll see just how long I continue to take it.

    • I hope it works for you, as that would be a huge blessing! I know losing this weight would help me feel a little better, but moving usually involves 1-2 days of recuperating … argh!

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