Has anyone seen my voice?

I’m starting to feel better as I’ve slept on and off since early last night.  It was after 10am when I got out of bed.  I’m starting to feel better, but I have no voice.  I know I had some form of one yesterday, but it’s gone today.  Some may say that is a good thing, but I still have my fingers to do the walking, I mean, talking.   Oh man, I just showed my age again … how many of you remember the commercial for phone books.  How the fingers would do the walking on the pages?

Speaking of phone books … Do you use yours?  Hubby is so attached to phone books.  Well, books, period.  He doesn’t want a Kindle anytime soon.  Me on the other hand, would LOVE one.  The one thing I really can’t stand on the counter in our kitchen is a phone book.  So he knows to put it away or it gets thrown out.  As for me, I’d rather look it up online.  Lazy?  Maybe, but have you noticed looking for a number in a phone book can be a bit aggravating.  You look under one section, then it tells you to go to another section.  Once you get there, you’re referred to yet, another.  If I want to do so much flipping through pages to get my information, I’d rather be doing a bible study!!

Speaking of bible studies … lol … I’m being an assistant table leader flake, this semester.  Right S4F? Actually I have her blessing to be a flake.  We’ll see how it goes.

Speaking of flake … the mountains actually got some.  Well quite a bit from what I understand.  I’ve looked out the window and my area is without snow, but there was quite a bit of rain.  The mountains are still covered with low lying clouds which obscures the mountainous view.  It’s always a pleasant surprise when the clouds lift revealing the majestic scene.

Speaking of covering … hah … there are several directions I could go with this.  Now to think which one is safer.  Do you let your dog sleep on the bed?  We do … or … I do.  It depends.   He’ll sleep under the covers between us until he gets too hot.  When his little body overheats, he breaches the covers, like a whale to lay on top of the covers panting.  Meanwhile hubby and I are freezing as the dog’s weighed down the covers by his 15 pounds of dead weight.  How is this possible?  I know little toddies will go limp and become dead weight when they don’t want to go where their parents want.  But how does a dog do that?  How does a dog know how to do that?  I think our Jack Russell terrorist is more person & cat, then a dog.  Rut Roh … I said the “t” word … should I be looking over my shoulder?

Speaking of shoulder … hah … gotcha!



One thought on “Has anyone seen my voice?

  1. Ha! Hope your voice is better. Our Homer used to sleep in the bed with us but he was 60+ pounds. He took up at least half of the king sized bed. He was more hog than dog … bed hog, that is!

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