What a way to start the year!

First, I want to say thanks to those that left comments, those I’ve approved and those that I haven’t.  I’m real bad about answering back, but I do thank you.  Also, I’d like to welcome the new readers!  I’m glad I can make a boring day brighter.

This weather is going to be a challenge on my health, (why is this a surprise?).  One day it’s in the 40’s, next it’s in the single digits, then back to the 40’s.  Because of this weather change, we are sick, yet again!  At least hubby and I are sick at the same time and started antibiotics today.  That’s a good thing, so hopefully we can get this done and over with and not keep passing it back and forth to each other.  That makes for a long winter when we take turns being sick!

The bad thing about being sick is that I’ve now missed 3 days of work.  I’m very thankful I have a grace filled employer.   As our lead pastor says, “When it comes to the Pony Express, you take care of the ponies, otherwise, there would be no mail!”  So he is trying to change the culture, people first, tasks second.  I love my job and my fellow staff members!!

We’ve had several deaths this week, people I know, but don’t know well.  I’m sad for the family and friends left behind.  However, as they were believers, I can see them dancing on streets of gold in new bodies.

Fire season is supposed to be done, however … it’s been so dry in addition to cold, so the timbers are primed.  Unfortunately a fire broke out in our region.  I’ve enclosed the link to the paper.  Amazing and very heart breaking pictures are in this article.

Well, the heavy duty cough syrup has hit, so I’ll sign off.  Y’all have a great weekend and stay safe out there!!


4 thoughts on “What a way to start the year!

  1. I’m right there with you; I just fought off a winter sickness myself. I hope you start feeling better :)Thanks for sharing and I look forward to connecting more with you:)

  2. I’ve been a bit bad at leaving comments lately so don’t feel bad about not answering. I do read all your posts but I don’t always comment. This weird weather (It’s weird here in Nebraska as well) is throwing everyone through a loop.

    Get well Girl!

  3. Wartica – Hi there and welcome. I hope you continue to feel better.

    S.Le – Thanks … I’m getting there.

    Bruce – Thanks for continuing to read. I totally understand the not commenting thing. I figured I should get back to blogging etiquette and respond to the comments left on my posts. I’m going to try and get better at it.

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