Christmas Eve

I’ve made it!  I wasn’t sure if I’d make it back in here before Christmas, but, here I am!  YAY!

Three services tonight then we will be off until Tuesday.  I’ve been asked what I’m doing on Christmas Day … I’ve said sleeping!  Hubby surprised me and put up the little Christmas Tree we got from our neighbor.  I wanted to take this tree back to her this year, but he put it up.  The little one we bought is even smaller than the one he put up.  He was going to get a string of small lights and said all that was left were white lights.  I stepped on his air hose (Love & Respect saying) and told him that I like the white lights … *sigh* … hah … leave it to me !

As I don’t have nice clothes to wear to the last three official Christmas Eve Services, we went shopping on Thursday night.  I didn’t go out of control, as we shopped at Wallyworld but I did get a few things.  I told him, that was my Christmas Present!  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten him anything, so I guess we’ll wait and see.  Of course he wants that Cuisinart dual grill, which I just might suck it up and get it!

Well, I guess I’ll go find something to eat.  Y’all have a great Christmas and stay safe!!


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