Happy Sunday

I have to have my picture taken today  … Have I mentioned how much I dislike having my picture taken?  Well, I have no choice as it is for work.    Since I don’t wear make-up, I was going to buy make-up, then I figured …. why?  As it would be for this one time.    So, hah … who knows how the picture is going to turn out.

Last night was the Parade of Lights in our little town. We didn’t go.  I spent a couple of hours working on the fallen leaves in the backyard and it took the rest of the day to recover.  Plus it was very cold and I could not get warm last night.  I could hear them, but the show in front of our house was interesting.  People didn’t realize that our street was closed during this time.  So they would drive by our house, then see the barrier and have to figure out how to turn around with parked cars on both sides of the street and impatient people behind them.  Demolition Derby was coming to mind.  I don’t know why they don’t put up a sign one street above, notifying them that the street is closed.  That would make so much more sense.

Unfortunately I don’t have all the leaves done.  The hopper was full, even with stomping them down.  I probably could have made a little more room, however, my neighbor came home … yes, that one …. and I didn’t want to listen to her drama de jour.  So I quickly pulled the heavy hopper out of the yard and back in its place then took off my boots, so I could walk through the back door.  I didn’t make it in time as she was taking her trash out … thankfully, I was half way in the house and only said hi while closing the screen.

Hubby is so funny.  I got a gift of cookie fixings, we just need to add butter, eggs & vanilla.  So he took the butter out last night and would check it every 10 minutes to see if it was soft yet.  Well, considering the house is set at 60 degrees, it would take awhile.  So he’ll probably tackle it today.

Speaking of hubby, the Vikings and Broncos are playing today.  He’s still sleeping … I’m amazed that at present the Vikings are ahead.   But … it’s still early in the game yet.  So after a quick check of the score, I’ll switch it back to NCIS.  Well, let’s see, after the 2nd quarter is over.  Well, that was interesting.  15 to 7, Vikings.  Maybe he should stay asleep … LOL!

Well, it’s that time to get ready … ugh!  Y’all have a great rest of the weekend.  What I was stopping in to talk about, I’ve already forgotten.  This getting old crap is for the birds!!



One thought on “Happy Sunday

  1. I take it you don’t have a microwave to soften the butter with. The Wife bought a tub of M&M cookie dough for the school fund raiser. The cookies never got baked. We just took spoons and, over 4 or 5 days ate the dough one heaping spoonful at a time. Yum!

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