Broken Hearted

I found out yesterday that my nephew’s best friend died.  He leaves behind a 7 month pregnant wife and three children.  I’m hoping that it was something other than what was suspected … suicide.  But I’m not sure it is anything other than what they suspect.

I know I get blue-zie around the Holidays, but I don’t think I would do that.  But it’s hard to know where someone is … when they are in a dark place.  On the outside they may pretend to be fine … however on the inside, is a whole different story.

It is a selfish act, beside a sinful act … I just feel for my nephew and his friend’s family.  The devastation they all are feeling in the aftermath of this tragedy is unthinkable.  It’s real hard to wrap my head around it.

Being a Christian and knowing God is a loving and just God, what does it say in the bible about suicide?  I had to research it.  I found this website. 

If any of you are contemplating suicide, please know you are God’s child and He loves you very much!  No matter where you are in your struggle or storm, God is right there with you, all  you need to do is reach out to Him.

For those of you that are having to deal with the aftermath of the loss of a loved one, my heart goes out to you.  Please seek a biblical counselor to help you get through the pain of a tragedy like this.

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