I hope you all have a great day with family and/or friends!!   What are your plans today?

As we are without family nearby, one of the church volunteers is having us over for Lu-inner … we’re gonna eat around 2-ish.  Also one of our neighbors asked us over for dinner or to hang out.  I think we are going there to hang out.

Our church is not a mega church, but last weekend there were approximately 1100 people throughout the whole weekend (3 services).  So trying to care for and know everyone, is difficult.  One of the things our church has been stressing is becoming a part of a small group.  Through a small group, one can grow spiritually, relationally and have a support system.   When one person in the small group is hurting, the other members are there.

Within the past few months, we thought some of our neighbors went to our church, but we didn’t know for sure.  As only God can orchestrate, when you allow Him, He kept making our paths cross, without even knowing they were our neighbors.  Once we all figured it out, one couple had said they’d been wanting to start a small group in our neighborhood.  We finally got together for the meet and greet.  We all felt comfortable with each other and decided to continue twice a month.  It not only gives us a chance to get to know our neighbors, but to have a sense of community.  Something this day and age seem to lack.

When we lived in Las Vegas, we didn’t know our neighbors.  We knew them by site, maybe their first name, but mostly by site and would wave as we were coming & going.  When we moved to Nebraska, we still didn’t know our neighbors.  Those we saw, we’d wave hi and bye.  Now that we’ve moved to our little neighborhood and have been here for a couple of years … we know the 3 neighbors on our block.  One a little too well … yes, the one that I’ve referred to in previous posts as “That Neighbor.”  Hubby would talk to the guys on our block, but we really didn’t know what they were all about.

As we’ve just started our small group, we now know there are more of us in the neighborhood that go to our church.  We now know that we can call each other, no matter what.  Most of the members in the small group live on my street.  There is one couple that live on the street over.  It’s pretty cool as we don’t just watch out for each other, but also the neighborhood.  Definitely a better sense of community!



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