What a weekend

I’ve been at the church most of the weekend.   I thought I’d be exhausted from this weekend, however, it was not the case.  I felt so energized and full of encouragement that I wanted the weekend to continue on.

Friday night, after working all day, was the first day of the Love and Respect Conference.  Oh. My. Word.  If you have ever wanted to know why your spouse/significant other thinks, talks, does the things they do … this is a MUST!!  I thought my husband was the only one … But not so!!  He or I am not wrong … we are just different.  You can check out the website for Love & Respect here.    Check out the website and see if the live conference  will be in your area.  If not, then obtain the DVD’s or CD’s … SO DEFINATELY WORTH THE MONEY!!!

After being at the L & R conference all morning Saturday … Saturday afternoon was the first service with Dave Dravecky as the guest speaker.  WOW!!  As I had to be at all the services (1 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday morning), I was not bored with any of his speech.  He made each time just a little different, but still the same.  It was very good!!  If he should ever come to your area, he is a a MUST see!  His website is here.  Very Powerful stuff!!!

So the weekend flew by and I was happy and sad that it was gone in a flash.  I wanted to savor it as long as I could.  Have I told you how much I LOVE my church and LOVE my job!?!?  Best things in the world!!  Thank you God!!!


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