Checking in

It’s Friday, well, technically it is Saturday as it is 12:38am … and I’m awake.  I’m thankful I don’t have to work tomorrow, but still!  Of course that’s not true as I do have window quotes to do for my old job, but I can do that from home now.  YAY!

Today was my last day of physical therapy.  I’m glad as it was hard to get out of the office to be there by 4pm.  I’m sad, because I don’t get to go into traction on a regular basis.  However, my the physical therapist is pretty reasonable if I need a tuneup.  The price was pretty good and workable into my budget.  Since this was my last day, I had to get an exercise ball to strengthen my core.  I must say I’m getting a little bit better at balancing on that stupid ball!!  Plus I got it on sale at Big 5!  It was over 50% off, which made me quite happy!!

I’m also training to run.  Short term  a 5k or 10k race.  Long term, a marathon.  Not sure when I’ll be ready, but the therapist has me on a training schedule, which is pretty simple to follow.  I’m excited and hope I’ll continue!!

My son is getting married in Zion next September.  I haven’t been to Zion so I’m excited to go somewhere new.  I can actually feel like I’m on a vacation, while at a family gathering.  I’m not sure Red will make it as I want to stop in Durango, CO to visit friends, before we go to Zion.  So lots of driving, etc.  I’m thinking renting a car would be a good idea.  So I’m trying my best to start saving to have enough money to do this trip.   When hubby’s mom was alive, she lived not far from Zion.  We knew that, but didn’t realize how close it was.  DOH!  We could have gone, while visiting her.  Of course, we lived in Las Vegas and never went to the Grand Canyon!  We will make that some time.  I guess it goes on the bucket list!

We went to see the movie Courageous.  Really good wholesome movie!!  I try not to laugh out loud in the theaters, but I did.  There were parts in this movie that I just couldn’t help myself … luckily the rest of the audience did the same thing, so I felt at home.  There were spots where the tears flowed!  Who knew that’s what the head of the family was supposed to do.  In the world of dysfunction, the man of the house’s role is so different from what we are used to.  This is a movie I’m buying!

Not much else is new, just busy and thankful!  Now that it is  1:00 am, I guess I should sign off and try to rest.

Y’all have a great weekend!!

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