Really? I’ve been so lame … so sorry!

Actually I cannot believe it is October 12th.    As I was typing the month, I actually typed August … which is where I really am.  My son called me on Sunday to remind me it was my granddaughter’s birthday on the 10th.  I was actually surprised … Again, I kept thinking I was in August, not October.

I knew when the ministries started up at church I would be busy, but … wow … I had no idea I’d be so busy that I completely lost a month.  I guess that’s a good thing.

We have so much going on.  On October 22nd & 23rd, we have a guest speaker at church.  It’s Dave Dravecky.  If you don’t know anything about him, google him.  With what this man has gone through to where he is now … is such an inspiring story.  If you are in my area, we’d love to have you there.  To find where he’ll be (even though it says Reno, our church is a bit farther south) on 10/22 & 10/23, click here.

That same weekend, the 21st, 22nd & 23rd is a Love and Respect conference.  Hubby and I are going … well, after a big argument … but we are going.  I need to feel loved and he needs to feel respected.  Here are a couple of clips:

If you can relate to either or both of these videos, click here to check out the Love & Respect Website.  I’m excited (hubby not so much) and I’m sure this conference will be in an area near you.  Or you can do a home study.

So crazy weeks before this action packed weekend.  I’m excited, exhausted and elated!   Welcome to my crazy days.  Have I told you lately how much I LOVE my job??  No?  Well, I LOVE my job!!!!




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