Would someone please remove the battery from that dang bunny!!

I wish it was just a little pink bunny that keeps going and going and going … unfortunately, it’s been tragedy that keeps affecting our area of the world.

It has been raw emotions getting reopened repeatedly for the past two weeks.  I mentioned the IHOP shooting.  I have not mentioned the attempted kidnapping during one of the weekend service at church.  I have not mentioned the motorcycle accident killing the rider, who also went to our church.  And now, the Reno Air Races has a plane crash into the audience, with a tragic outcome.   

I was with friends last night, having a girls night out.  As I was taking purse orders, one of the ladies had mentioned, who do we know that was there and how is this going to impact us again.  All I could think of was, yeow!  Because it was such a true statement!  Even though Reno is about 50 miles away and where the air races were, it’s even further, but this event is very popular.  People from all over come to the race to watch these pilots do stunts that one only wished they could pull off.  So to realize, that our little community may be affected once again, just took the wind out of my already tattered sails!

In the midst of all of this, there have been great things to come out of it.   With the IHOP shooting, courage shines through.  There was a family with children and grandparents sitting at a table next to a group of men having a breakfast meeting.  When the gun fire started, the men ran out through the exit door.  Then realizing there was a family sitting next to them, they ran back in to help get this family out to safety.

With the threat of some misguided individuals saying they were going to protest the National Guard’s funeral service and memorial service, a large group of officers of many kind,  on motorcyles along with individual mortorcyclists were lining the street.  Another group of people were able to have food donated from several restaurants in the area, for all of these riders.  That way they were fed and had water after being in the sun for several hours.  Another group of people opened their homes to these riders should any of them need a place to stay.  Still more people in the afternoon showed up to stand on the street waiving flags to show support to the family and friends of the fallen. 

To see this community pull together and see God reign and shine in the middle of such darkness was such a great experience. 

We have had a couple of rollercoaster weeks, but they have taught me to not stand on my own strength and understanding.  It taught me to lean into God for the strength and courage to do things that I couldn’t do on my own.  It taught me that He is with me, no matter what I’m facing.  He is there when I’m weak and weary.  Just like a Father should be for his children.  He does tell me that I am loved, no matter what!  I am so thankful that no earthly father, no matter how good he is to his children, can compare to the Father we have in Heaven.


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